Apple posts iPhone 3G guided tour

Apple has posted an online video guided tour of iPhone 3G.

A variety of options for watching the 12:15 video are provided. Watch it via streaming QuickTime in three size/quality choices: Small, Medium, or Large.

Or download it for iPod (101MB) or in “Large” size (318MB).

See Apple’s iPhone 3G Guided Tour here.


  1. I continue to be distracted by the faux Steve Jobs actors they keep using on their guided tours. It’s distracting me because I imagine if they ever used a woman on one? Black tshirt, glasses, black/graying hair – hmmm what would a female faux SJ look like?

  2. I dare Sprint do this with their Extinct. I’ve been reading on the net that this thing is selling like hot cakes. I guess that deceptive marketing campaign across movie theaters are working their magic. Buyers are snapping these up and thinking its just like the iPhone, only cheaper.

  3. @Ace

    I agree it is eerie that they all dress like Steve, but I think it is pretty cool that employees of Apple present their products.

    The guy that does the guided tour is Bob Borchers and he heads maketing for the iphone.

    They have used women a couple times, most recenty for @TV.

  4. Nice tour. And also nice that we heard, about 1000 times, how compatible it is with all things MS, thus perpetuating the use of MS Windows. I know I know – I get it I really do – but I still don’t like it. I wonder if, in the long run, Apple would have a better time if they simply built the Windows compatibility into their products like they do now, but didn’t advertise it. Let the fact that Macs run and interconnect with MS products get around by word of mouth, that way Apple can stop advertising for MS. I get it – I really do, but while Apple’s share is clearly going up, Windows’ share isn’t measurably going down, in no small part because now everything runs with and works with Windows – Including Apple products.

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