Net Applications: Apple’s Safari Web browser share hits new all-time high of 6.31% in June 2008

Net Applications’ Web Browser stats for June 2008 show Apple’s Safari hit a new all-time high with 6.31% share of the browsers visiting Net Applications’ network of websites worldwide. The data is aggregated from 40,000 websites that are predominantly ecommerce or corporate sites.

Net Applications’ June 2008 Web Browser Stats:
Microsoft Internet Explorer: 73.01% (vs. MAY 2006: 84.20%)
Mozilla Firefox: 19.03% (vs. MAY 2006: 10.55%)
Apple Safari: 6.31% (vs. MAY 2006: 3.26%)
Opera: 0.73%
Netscape: 0.67%
Mozilla: 0.09%
Opera Mini: 0.05%
Playstation: 0.03%
Konqueror: 0.03%
Blazer: 0.02%
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer: 0.02%
WebTV: 0.01%
ACCESS NetFront: 0.01%
BlackBerry: 0.00%

Net Applications’ Browser Market Share for June 2008:

Net Applications’ Browser Market Share Trend for Apple Safari for July 2006 to June 2008:

More details can be seen via Net Applications’ here.

MacDailyNews Note: As always, the actual percentage numbers are not as important as the trends shown since all “market share” reports have unique measurement sources. Net Applications, for example measures 40,000 corporate and ecommerce websites — how many of which are restricted to WIndows and/or IE, if any, we do not know. If anything, Net Applications is providing one measure of installed base, rather than “market share.” Again, what’s important is the trend (and consistent data points). The trend clearly shows Apple’s Safari ascending.


  1. Where’s the iPhone numbers? Are they aggregated with Macs and Windows versions of Safari?

    It’s nice to see Safari gaining, but it would be a LOT more useful information if we could see what percentage of iPhones, and it would be nice to see how many Safari users are on Mac and Windows too. Oh well… It’s not like I need the numbers for a professional reason. If I did, I would just have to pay NetApplications for the report.

  2. @FatMac, I love the Zoom abilities of F. but S. uses much less CPU.
    F. is faster, too.

    S is much faster on my iMac. Why should I care about CPU usage while browsing? They’re both a better option than Internet Exploder.

  3. I just switched to Firefox 3 when it came out, I like the way it works more than Safari. But I still use safari once in a while too. (I have 6 or 7 internet browsers on my mac). I rate them (top 4)

    1. Firefox
    2. Safari
    3. Camino
    4. Flock

    I think that firefox and safari are about the same speed, so that doesn’t matter to me.

  4. Two things about Safari make me crazy.
    Tooltips are bothersome and useless . . . Anybody know how to turn them off?
    When Safari crashes, a daily occurrence for me, all pages are gone, I have to sort through history to find them. When Firefox or Camino crash, they offer a “restore webpages from previous session” option upon restart that is very handy.

  5. Safari is far better for me. I use Camino for a couple of sites that I use that don’t fully function in Safari, but other than that it’s great. I wouldn’t mind if Apple would open up Safari to add-ons/extensions like FireFox, but it’s not that big a deal. I use FireFox on Winblows when I have to use it. I hate Internet Explorer. MS seems to think that if you just move existing features around and make them harder to find/use then you can appear to have written “new” software. IE, Vista, Office 2007 all suffer from this malaise.

  6. On PC (work):
    Firefox 3 more then Safari 3 (FF has lower memory/CPU usage then S, and I’m using an older PC box at work)

    On MBP (home):
    Safari 3 more then Firefox 3 (fits better with the OS, and my MBP handles both well)

  7. Wow. *sniff* over a forth of the internet now uses a browser that supports standards.

    Long gone are the days of “Sorry, your browser is not supported. You must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher”

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