Thousands of applications being readied for Apple’s iPhone

Approximately 4,000 applications are currently being developed specifically to run on Apple’s iPhone, Jay Yarow reports or BusinessWeek.

Yarow reports, “These are part of a wave of so-called native applications, meaning they’re designed to run directly on the phone, as opposed to being downloaded onto the phone from a Web browser. The first of these programs becomes available by mid-July, around the time the new iPhone 3G hits store shelves.”

Yarow reports, “Native applications take full advantage of the new device’s improved computational power, including its navigational features and ability to run on a more advanced wireless network.”

“As appealing as it may be to hipsters, the iPhone 3G was designed with business users in mind as well. Software developers are all too happy to design applications for business,” Yarow reports.

Yarow reports, “The iPhone and its applications will have ‘huge ramifications for how people conduct business,’ says Chuck Dietrich, vice-president of Salesforce Mobile. ‘The ability to run sophisticated applications on a handheld will change how people conduct life and business.'”

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H” for the heads up.]


  1. Nothing exceptionally new in the article. It does keep the buzz up, though. We should expect mass hysteria to engulf the world sometime tomorrow, as the countdown (T minus 10) begins.

    As a stockholder, I’m hoping the buzz and hysteria translates into some positive movement (Oil is killing us these days…).

  2. IT guys, instead of sighing about having to deal with the iPhone, create your own custom internal app to instead make it work in your favor…get on the bandwagon now or get on the bandwagon later…either way, you are going to have to get on the bandwagon.

  3. Let’s not forget these Apps will also work on the 1st generation iPhone.

    All the demo’s of the apps (Super Monkey Ball, MimVista etc.) were running on the 2G iPhone at WWDC.


  4. Nobody will be using this phone and it will get no market penetration. None. It’s not a good email machine and has no keyboard.
    This is all true because the head of the world’s largest software company said so (Steve Embalmer at Microshaft).

  5. Apple needs to market the iPhone software in a way that people know it will also work on the iPod Touch. The touch really seems to be taking a back seat to the phone in Apples eyes. Better margins on the phone I would guess.

  6. Remember that familiar Windows mantra of the 20th century that Windows had “thousands more” applications than that insignificant OS from Apple?

    Remember how mactards and fanbois, enraged with this statistic, claimed that quantity is not better than quality and angrily insisted that Mac software, though limited in quantity, was far better in some ambiguous measure “quality”.

    How times have turned! Now Mactards “borrow” the same idiotic phrase that Windows aficionados used and boldly announce that iPhone will have “thousands more” applications than that other insignificant smartphone manufactuers (Nokia et al).

    So, mactards and fabois, is “quantity” really better than “quality” now?

  7. wow, 3 back to back posts from one jackass. might be a new record?!?

    so, if it is such a pathetic phone and the apps suck so much (even though you can’t tell, since nobody outside apple has seen more than a handful of demos) why are you here earning your astroturf pay check spreading FUD?

    ….yeah, i thought so.

  8. At He, he he–

    Nothing’s released yet, sot’s too early to froth at the mouth. We can have opinions galore once we know what’s coming. It’s clear Apple won’t allow piles of crap anyway.

    So, go about your business. The fries are getting soggy.

  9. Gimme an app that lets me shoot video and an app that gives me a landscape keyboard, that’s all I ask. But no, I suppose I’ll get 3,500 game apps where I can use the accelerometer to roll a ball through a maze.

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