RBC sees ‘unprecedented pent-up demand’ for Apple iPhone 3G

“Consumers have ‘unprecedented’ demand for Apple’s phone, according to new data from RBC’s Technology Adoption Panel,” Dan Frommer reports for SIlicon Alley Insider.

From RBC analyst Mike Abramsky’s note:

• 56% of those planning to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days plan to purchase an iPhone, up from 35% in March.

• Purchase interest in Apple is 2x or more that of other brands surveyed: RIM 23% (RIMM), Palm 3% (PALM), HTC 2%, Nokia 2% (NOK), Samsung 2%, Motorola 1% (MOT), others 11%.

• The jump is the largest interest ahead of any consumer phone launch recorded by RBC’s panel since 2003.

More interesting bullet points can be found in the full article – recommended – here.

Naysayers, what part of “bloodbath” didn’t you understand?


  1. This wouldn’t be Royal Bank of Canada, would it? How ironic? already over 16,000 signatures have been collected on the petition against Rogers’ plans and pricing. I don’t see the uptake in Canada to be that great at this point.

  2. I think the new iPhone will be a success and I sure wish I had one. But, I think that part of the reason there is such a pent up demand is because the iPhone hasn’t been available for the last few weeks. People who wanted a BlackBerry or Palm phone got one immediately.

    Still, I look forward to the iPhone becoming the new iPod success story.

  3. That survey is done in the US, nobody has ever denied that iPhone is not a success in the US.

    Your bloodbath ranting still has absolutely no merit whatsoever with current sales figure. The annual growth of approx. 10% means more than 100 million more sold phones in a year, iPhone sales is still a drop in the bucket and will be for a long time.

    You have been chanting about the bloodbath for almost a year now and how many iPhones have been sold, a few mill only? Get real..

  4. the iphone 3G once again won’t fly in europe and probably also other parts of the world with these outrageous plans attached to it. ( ithink that’s why the stock was going lower most of the times lately, the street doesn’t believe in high sales if the plans are so expensive all over the world, $80 minimum in norway for instance) 3x the mormal minute price is too much for me here in germany. apple is again making a big mistake in letting the carriers have their way. they want to milk the demand for the best handset in the world and thus are scruing the business for apple. the best mobile device in the world and apple doesn’t know how to sell it.

  5. I was part of that pent up demand but the extra cost of the data plan turned me off. If they will sell me a phone without the plan, like they did early on with the first version, then I will still get one.

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