Many new features coming in Apple’s ‘no new features’ Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

“Apple is marketing the idea of there being “no new features” for Snow Leopard and instead promising an overall improvement in how Mac OS X works under the hood, thanks to a diligent code optimization and refactoring cycle discussed in the previous article. At the same time, there are plenty of significant new features coming in Snow Leopard to look forward to. Here are ten big new features (plus a few minor ones) that you probably haven’t heard much about from anywhere else,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Dilger looks at many new fetaures and techinologies, including:
• LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine)
• CUPS 1.4 (Common Unix Printing System)
• ZFS support
• QuickTime X
• Grand Central
• OpenCL
• Multi-Touch™ support
• Resolution Independence
• Code optimization

Full article here.


  1. These new features seem to be geared to significantly improving the performance. That will probably show most prominently on lower-powered machines, as MacBooks, Airs and Minis. I’d say, these features will probably benefit the general user the most.

    ZFS seems to be the most radical, with the biggest impact. Vast majority of hard drive problems are not caused by hardware failures, but by data or file system corruption problems. ZFS alone will elliminate majority of the causes for these problems and noticeably improve disk performance.

    Resolution Independence, if it were ever to see the light of day, would probably be even more significant for an ordinary user. Too many people lower their monitor resolution, which was fine on a CRT, but looks simply dreadful on a LCD. With resolution indepencence properly handled (and if anyone could do that, it’s Apple), these people could leave their monitor resolution and the proper supported setting and change the size of things (buttons, texts and other elements of the OS) to match their eyesight.

    Let’s hope Mr. Dilger is right. I’ll gladly plop $130 for the new cat.

  2. @ Richie:

    While most general users may not understand these features (and therefore not see the value in them immediately), these features will improve system performance for everyone.

  3. “New features that will help the hard core, not the general user.”

    “Snow Leopard dramatically reduces the footprint of Mac OS X, making it even more efficient for users, and giving them back valuable hard drive space for their music and photos.”

    That’s generally pretty hard core stuff.

  4. Remember QuickDraw GX? Good. Great geek stuff, minimal Joe Public stuff, not something to sell as itself. Anything that needs explanation (LLVM, CUPS, Grand Central) shouldn’t be a mainstream selling point.

    As for the “no new features” list, it sounds like MS’s perpetual list of promises for the next Windows that’s always a year or two away.

    While I have no doubt in Apple’s ability to deliver, this isn’t material that makes a MacWorld keynote.

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