An interview with Charles Jolley, one of the founders of SproutCore

“On the back of the iPhone 3G news at WWDC, the next biggest thing was the launch of Mobile Me, a compelling user experience to access Apple services using standard Open Web technology,” Dion Almaer reports for Ajaxian.

“The application is written using the SproutCore framework, and I got to sit down with Charles Jolley, one of the founders,” Almaer reports. “We talked about the history of the project, how it differs from other frameworks that are out there, and where they are going.”

“SproutCore is much more JavaScript focused though, and gives you MVC in the client in a simple and intuitive way. I found it interesting to see how the framework has developed, from its Rails plugin roots, to now (dispel myth: it has no dependency on Rails, just some build files are Ruby),” Almaer reports.

A link to the audio of the interview is available here.

Find out more about SproutCore at


  1. If only SproutCore had been more on the radar before I wrote a huge app in Rails. 🙁 It seems like it can do some things that I wish I had been able to do in Rails — i.e. make my app more like a traditional desktop app than a web app.

  2. This is the beginning of iTunes for the rest of your iLife.
    Apple will settle for nothing less than total domination.
    This is the final stage in preparing all users for their journey to the Apple universe.
    Step 1: Make the iPhone
    Step 2: Have an attractive way to bring all the important aspects of a user’s computer life onto
    Step 3: Users feel at ease moving to a Mac, as their “important” items are already “macified” and ready to GO.

  3. what sun wanted in the 90ies (the network is the computer and the dumb internet-terminal) is becoming reality soon. imagine you would also have ilife and iwork in mobile me (i bet apple is working on that) + i.e. quicken and other 3rd party apps (even adobe is working on a photoshop webapp), than it is not longer important wheter you use a mac or pc. you only need the right browser (safari) and you can access your files and work on any computer in the world at any given moment. all you need is your iphone and your mobile me account. sounds like apple-world domination and the end of microsoft to me.

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