Mercedes-Benz offers in-car Apple iPhone integration

Whether it be a quick call to a business colleague for an important discussion, listening to favorite music tracks or checking home and office e-mails whilst on the move – the Apple iPhone is a leading-edge business tool with multimedia capability, available in Germany and other markets.

Now Mercedes-Benz allows the iPhone connection to be fully integrated into the vehicle architecture for the first time – once again pointing the way ahead for the automotive industry. The new Apple iPhone cradle allows simple switching between the telephone and audio functions. What’s more, thanks to the location of the cradle in the centre console, the iPhone is within easy reach of both the driver and the front passenger. For ease of use, the iPhone is controlled via the multifunction steering wheel, while the vehicle display is used to indicate the phone status or music functions and information such as the track title and artist.

Over 100,000 people in Germany have already purchased an iPhone – made by US electronics giant Apple – since its launch in November 2007. By introducing the new cradle for the Apple iPhone, Mercedes-Benz has made it even easier to enjoy the special benefits of this trend-setting multimedia application, even when on the move in the car. This fully integrated solution – the first of its kind – enables either the phone functions or the audio functions on the iPhone to be activated. As ever, the device is easy to use thanks to the controls on the multi-function steering wheel, all of which enhances road safety, as the driver’s hands remain on the steering wheel, leaving them free to concentrate on the traffic and the other controls in the cockpit.

Perfect reception is assured as the iPhone connects to the vehicle aerial automatically when inserted into the cradle. A further advantage is the automatic recharging of the iPhone battery whilst the phone is sitting in the cradle.

This function means that the iPhone stays fully charged, which is ideal if the user has to leave the vehicle.

New design to influence the style of further cradles

As well as impressing on a technical level, the Apple iPhone cradle’s exclusive design allows it to be integrated seamlessly into the interior of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The all-new design is based on a black-and-silver colour scheme that adds hallmark Mercedes-Benz touches. The leading-edge design will be used in future cradles for mobile phones available from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH.

The iPhone cradle can be inserted into the centre console – where it is within easy reach of both the driver and the front passenger – with a single click and without the need for any tools whatsoever. The portable device is therefore easy to plug in and unplug. Optional convenience telephony (Order Code 386) must also be specified. The cradle connects to the audio system either via the optionally available Media Interface or the retrofittable iPod Interface Kit available from the range of genuine accessories. Both variants use an integral adapter lead that has to be installed by a specialist workshop, ensuring an ideal connection between the cradle and the Media Interface or iPod Interface.

The fully integrated iPhone is available now for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E‑Class, CLK-Class, CLS-Class, S-Class, CL-Class, SL-Class, M-Class and R-Class. The product will also be offered for the new GLK-Class when this model is launched in October. In Germany, the Apple iPhone cradle retails at € 249 (including VAT) and is obtainable from all Mercedes-Benz dealers. The adapter leads for the Media Interface or iPod Interface are available for € 39 (including VAT) in Germany.

Source: Daimler AG

More info and photos via eMercedesBenz, The Unofficial Mercedes-Benz Weblog here.


  1. I’m betting on fleet vehicles adding a locked cradle for iPhones to go with GPS tracking software, communications from dispatch/customer, maps, route changes, to do list, vehicle maintenance database, blah blah blah…..

  2. ….”Whether it be a quick call to a business colleague for an important discussion”

    Business with the iPhone, but the iPhone does not have a little scrappy plastic keyboard, how can it made it to the business class??
    OK,, seriously, Does this systems allows to see the internet in the screen of the Mercedes? does it allows to play back video also? could be some great features also to use the cradle and the iPhone as a full entertainment system and navigation system also.

  3. Imagine……
    Imagine the iPhone as a brain of the car…
    Seat positions, Navigation system, Communication system, Entertaining system, driving statics, car’s health control, Diagnosis, alcohol detection, even the engine control, all from you iPhone.

    You will be able to pair your iphone with you car and use it as a security system (of course, just to start it, because you take you iPhone with you once you get out the car. And you can pair the car with your family’s iPhone or who ever you authorize to drive the car.


  4. Lenon
    Imagine those controls work across a large selection of cars.
    Rent one at the airport? IT knows your favorite news and weather channels, seat and mirror positions, and so forth.

    It’s like having .Mac Sync for your vehicles….

  5. Apple is Clearly going to dominate the smartphone market.

    Now that Mercedes is making the iPhone Integration then everyone else will too. I would imagine Chysler being next since they work at some extent with Mercedes, Then GM, and Lastly Ford because they’re already involved with Micosoft Sync Which is a quite decent system….>>>> I’d Imagine Ford only offering a Software Update since the Microsoft Sync System Integrates Nicely With iPods & Many mobile phones already.

    iPod = The Standard

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