Apple’s iPhone country count now up to 78

“The iPhone Country Count is now up to 78 countries and territories. Thanks to a keen reader, Croatia, Malta and Liechtenstein are getting the iPhone this year too! This list is based on announcements from the global carriers that have made contractual agreements with Apple. It will be updated as more countries are announced as well as the official launch dates,” reports.

See the iPhone Country List here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jumoblicious” for the heads up.]


  1. Croatia, Malta, Liechtenstein? Tally four more users, Steve.

    Seriously, I hope Apple sells hundreds of millions of these things. The cash flow will boost Mac design and development.

    I like the GPS feature of iPhone. Whenever NSA detects an Al-Qaeda operative making a call, Hellfire missiles will lock on. Maybe NSA will send a complimentary text message seconds before impact, “Get ready to meet your maker, asshole.”

    Is is true that smartphone intelligence will rub off on users?

  2. Damn! Croatia has it and Serbia doesn’t! It must be that T-Mobile that bought out their national mobile carrier… Hopefully, once Vodafone completes its entry into Serbia, they’ll be carrying the phone, thus equalising the perpetual regional rivalry between Croatia and Serbia.

    And the number of carriers is even greater (with many countries other than US having several carriers selling it).

  3. “Croatia, Malta, Liechtenstein? Tally four more users, Steve.”

    My little american, You’ve got to know that those very few Liechtenstein users can buy you all, no matter how rich you are, or how much your Apple stocks are worth, + the all United States of America in the bag !!!

    Go there and you will understand !!! Have you ever heard of off-shore bank accounts??? Well, they take care of all that… all the money of the world is flying through banks of places like Liechtenstein. Steve certainly know their purchasing power.

  4. China and Russia on launch day, 5 mega pix cam on back with video recording and front cam for iChat, trust me it’s all gonna happen. The UK has the best deal with pay as you go, every kid that has an iPod is going to scream for an iPhone. 32 million sold by year end.

    MDN Where is the stock ticker?

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