Is Apple CEO Steve Jobs sick?

“Does Apple’s Steve Jobs have cancer again?” Henry Blodget asks for SIlicon Alley Insider.

“In the photos we saw of yesterday’s event, Steve appeared dangerously thin. The most likely explanation, we think, is that Steve permanently changed his diet after his bout with cancer a few years ago. Given that Steve did not believe that cancer needed to be disclosed publicly until after the fact, however, it also seems possible that the weight loss could be an indication that Steve’s cancer has reappeared,” Blodget writes.

“We hope it hasn’t. As we argued here, however, we believe that Steve’s cancer should have been disclosed earlier, and–if it ever recurs–should immediately be disclosed. It seems inappropriate to ask Apple to issue a statement confirming that Steve is in perfect health, but we know such a statement would make some of concerned Apple and Steve fans feel better,” Blodget writes.

Full article here.

Valleywag’s Nicholas Carlson writes, “Doctors diagnosed Apple CEO Steve Jobs with pancreatic cancer in October 2003. Jobs hid the news from Apple shareholders until July 2004 — after he’d explored all other alternatives to surgery, and had to schedule time away from the office to go under the knife. People watching the imperiously slim presenter at the WWDC today are finding it hard to look at Job’s frailer-than-ever frame and not wonder if he’s still suffering.”

Full article, “Apple CEO Steve Jobs looks dangerously thin,” here.

When we first saw Jobs we worried, too. We’ve since somehow convinced ourselves that “everything’s okay,” (classic denial, perhaps), but, seriously, we’d really like for Apple to tell us publicly about Steve’s “robust health” again, or at least see the results of someone feeding the man, or hear that he just won a marathon somewhere. There’s “thin” and there’s “too thin.” Steve is “too thin” for a man with a past cancer history who has millions of shareholders invested in Apple; many who have invested in the company mostly because of his presence.

Even Drudge this morning has a headline “Concern over APPLE Steve Jobs’s physical appearance…” pointing to an AP photo gallery of Jobs on stage yesterday.

Apple need to address this issue again.

[UPDATE: 4:20pm EDT: Apple has addressed the issue: Apple: CEO Steve Jobs has ‘common bug’ and now on the mend with the aid of antibiotics – June 10, 2008]


  1. Given the form of cancer he was diagnosed with (pancreatic), his survival from 2003 to 2008 is nothing short of remarkable. Pancreatic cancer is known to devastate it’s victims and those diagnosed with it rarely survive longer than 6 months to a year.
    Should he be suffering a relapse it is doubtful he would be healthy enough to even consider appearing on stage.

  2. I had a big lead guitar performance last year and dropped 10 lbs, both muscle and fat over the stress of learning all those parts and the buildup for the concert. The stress snuck up on me and I didn’t realize it until afterwards when I saw the video.
    Just imagine the pressure Steve Jobs has to produce every single time? Let’s not mention the stress of staying on top with Pixar. He is also not getting any younger. His thinness doesn’t bother me, his lack of muscle tone does, though. I would hire a personal trainer and eat more protein/carbs/good fats while lightly working out.

  3. “imperiously” !!??!! I think the writer means ‘perilously’. “imperiously” meas in an authoritative manner.

    I too thought he looks thin but was convinced by the usual RDF that he was fine.

  4. People said the same thing after the MacWorld keynote. Has anybody compared the videos? lol I see plenty of people in the street, or the mall, or the book store every day that look exactly like that. Don’t forget, the man IS in his 50’s. And it’s not as if he USED to weigh 300 lbs.

  5. Personally, I really hope the man is OK. He is such an asset to this world, truly. After seeing him yesterday, he’ll be in my prayers, for sure.

    My folks are vegan (except they eat fish maybe once a month) and don’t look nearly that thin. They did loose a lot of weight after going vegan but they stopped after they achieved a healthy weight, which, I must say, looks at least 25 lbs. heaver than Steve.

    Hope the man is OK.

  6. He’s just getting older. Haven’t you noticed how skinny old men are?

    It should be pointed out that cancer doesn’t make you thin. Cancer TREATMENT makes you thin. And if Steve were really undergoing cancer treatment, there’s no way in hell he would have been healthy enough to give a WWDC keynote.

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