1. Not to be outdone, Microsoft is offering “Infect Me” also for $99/year.

    Allow the efficient transfer of spyware and viruses across all your MS driven hardware!

  2. Gandalf, smiling is good for us. It releases endorphins. Which makes you, and everyone around you, happy … because your smile is so infectious. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. @bleeny

    Yes, it will.. It’s the software, not the hardware that makes mobile me possible.. It will even work strictly between computers without an iPhone if you have multiple computers.

  4. i will NEVER pay for such a service, not just because i think it should be free (like gmail, google calendar etc)

    but also because, just like over 50% of my compatriots, i don’t have a credit card, and can’t get one, they are restricted to those that have a salary, even if it is lower than what some independent (contractors) get.

    Apple, PLEASE, try to understand that there is a world outside the USA, where people are not forced to buy a phone with a contract, get a credit card, or even a car (20% of the people i know have a car)

    just stupid and totally unacceptable !

    by the way, i also want a real iChat for the iPhone, no restrictions whatsoever, etc…

    very disappointed again…

  5. I’d say you get a job you useless unemployed f*#k and quit using your welfare $ to buy toys you shouldn’t have when you can’t even feed your kids most likely! Having a iPhone isn’t a necessity, but a luxury and you can’t have luxuries if you don’t have credit! Now piss off!

  6. Wow, let’s settle down folks… No need for flaming like that. Go to the grocery store and get a visa gift card, just make sure it says it can be used for online purchases, or perhaps an apple gift card, or, go buy the box at the apple store.

  7. @ Martin – Wow that was helpful.

    You are a prime example why mankind should not experiment on animals when tossers like you are available.

    Now nick off and don’t come back you low life scum.

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