Leaked iPhone 2.0 pics, info: thinner design, color choices, video chat, iChat for Windows

“It wasn’t long ago that my inbox was full of screen caps from an image editing program of a new iPod, it was a fat yet small iPod that we now know as the 3rd gen Nano. We posted the photos and were later told by Apple’s legal team to take them down,” Matt Hickey reports for CrunchGear.

“A similar tipster tonight has very generously given us these pics of the iPhone 2, or iPhone 3G as some are calling it. Like the Fat Nano from last summer, the images come from Apple or AT&T promotional material that shows not just the new iPhone, but also gives away a couple secrets,” Hickey reports.

• Thinner than the current model
• Stereo speakers on the back
• Front facing camera for iChat AV
• Multiple color choices, including (RED)
• Evidence that Apple will launch iChat for Windows

Full article with more info plus more and larger images via CrunchGear here.

MacDailyNews Note: Engadget is calling these images “fake,” here. The fact that the images remain online in various places might also be a hint that these are fake.


  1. These are definitely fake.

    Look at the screen, there is a video call going on and yet there is not camera facing the person calling…

    umm on 2nd thoughts they could be real… Apple used the iMac screen to capture images so why not capture video on the iPhone screen?

  2. @Dallas

    If Apple called to request to take photos down, they would be actually ending the “surprise” factor for the WWDC event or actually confirming next gen iPhone well in advance.

    The speakers on the back would be for you to hear your hads-free conversations.

  3. Not to be racist or anything (I’m hispanic myself), but Carlos Rodriguez? Looks like you’d find him scrambling eggs at Waffle House. You won’t find this guy in any Apple ad. Sorry.

  4. Could be a real promotion in the design stage:

    Remember, Apple released Black and Red iPod nano’s at the high end, and kept the other colors for the low-end versions with silver being a default low-end.

    What if black and red iPhones we’re the upper end models, and the silver version drops in price and becomes the default.

  5. I think iChat for Windows is real. Not sure about the iPhone pictures. If dotmac is changing to work closely with the iPhone and many iPhone user are using the Windows OS then I see a real advantage to ensure all aspects of the new dotmac service work with Windows.

  6. I say fake. On the real ichat, the person who is using the computer has his/her picture appear in a small window in. This would be especially important for the iPhone because a little flick of the wrist will make your own picture disappear.

    It is possible that the picture below is the picture of the person using the iPhone, but then all the space next to it is wasted. That is something that Apple does not do. With a screen that small, why waste precious real estate?

  7. @Sam

    It might confirm the subsidy rumors; iPhone 2 for the masses! Seriously though, once Apple penetrates the market as deeply as it has with the iPod, it’s going to be very hard for its competitors to get those consumers back. I, for one, can’t imagine going back to using a normal cell phone; can you?

  8. @ krquet

    I almost certain most of these leaks are Apple-created, but I don’t think they’re looking for moles, I think they just like to get the grist mill going to build hype for the show. You’ll notice they always show up one day after another in the week or two leading up to the show, almost like clockwork. I expect another leaked photo or firmware find tomorrow.

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