iPhone 2.0 firmware leak reveals tri-band HSDPA and GPS

“We have it from a reliable source that a version of the 3G iPhone’s firmware has been released — possibly for carrier partners currently field-testing the device — and has since been dissected,” Ryan Block reports for Engadget.

Hardware details include:
• Infineon PMB6952 / S-GOLD3 six-band UMTS / HSDPA transceiver
• Murata LMRX3JCA-479 tri-band amplifier (we’re assuming for the 3G)
• Sony SP9T antenna switch for GSM / UMTS dual mode
• ARM 1176JZF-S – Main CPU (same as in 1st gen iPhone)
• Skyworks 77427 chip – UMTS / HSDPA tx 1900MHz, rx 2100MHz
• Skyworks 77414 chip – UMTS / HSDPA 1900MHz
• Skyworks 77413 chip – UMTS / HSDPA 850MHz
• UMTS Power Saving option – on or off
• Hooks for Global Locate Library (GLL), software that handles A-GPS related commands for the host processor

More info here.


  1. *sigh*

    I was really hoping for it to for some random reason support 1700/2100 so I could unlock it and use it with T-Mobile’s new 3G, especially since at the end of the year, I’m moving to Vegas, which is one of the markets that is (supposedly) getting 3G this year.

    Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just have to buy an EDGE iPhone on the cheap once the new one’s out.

    Or maybe this firmware leak’s crap/incomplete?

    I’m hoping for that one. Especially since (correct me if I’m wrong), I believe Japan’s 3G runs on 1700/2100. And Softbank is selling the iPhone in Japan. So here’s to hopin.

  2. iPhone 2 is bound to be an improvement on the first.

    I’ll just be happy to consolidate from 2 crappy devices, cell phone and Palm TX (with charge/sync cables … yeah, I still use a Palm) down to one unit.

    I’ll still stick with my 80GB iPod though. There’s no way the iPhone will have similar capcity.

    I just wish Apple would offer the thing through different providers.

  3. Zune Tang, you poor shmock, you must have no friends at all to be hanging around people you hate. If you had some friends, you would be hanging with them on some Microsoft News site celebrating Windows Vista.

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