Leaked iPhone 2.0 pics, info: thinner design, color choices, video chat, iChat for Windows

“It wasn’t long ago that my inbox was full of screen caps from an image editing program of a new iPod, it was a fat yet small iPod that we now know as the 3rd gen Nano. We posted the photos and were later told by Apple’s legal team to take them down,” Matt Hickey reports for CrunchGear.

“A similar tipster tonight has very generously given us these pics of the iPhone 2, or iPhone 3G as some are calling it. Like the Fat Nano from last summer, the images come from Apple or AT&T promotional material that shows not just the new iPhone, but also gives away a couple secrets,” Hickey reports.

• Thinner than the current model
• Stereo speakers on the back
• Front facing camera for iChat AV
• Multiple color choices, including (RED)
• Evidence that Apple will launch iChat for Windows

Full article with more info plus more and larger images via CrunchGear here.

MacDailyNews Note: Engadget is calling these images “fake,” here. The fact that the images remain online in various places might also be a hint that these are fake.


  1. They’re real. Do you guys think Apple will make the mistake they made with the Nano by asking the site(s) to take down the pictures? By doing this, Apple would be confirming these pics are real. So to confuse us, they’re not going to do this. Apple is way clever, they know how to play the guessing and confusing game. Duhhh!!!

  2. Fake… look at the photo of the black iPhone.. it shows the power button at the top… now look at the photo of the red iPhone… MISSING! Small mistake that Apple would not have made… fake photos hardly ever pay attention to the details…

  3. The missing power button is intriguing, however, I would think that these are real, and that there is a reason for that missing power button.

    These “mock-ups” if that’s what they really are, are very good and right along what apple’s design is.

    If in fact they are real, then I would imagine that less than 48 hours before the revelation of the actual iPhone 3.0, and it being a weekend so news is a little slower to move (and yes, after the iPod Nano Debacle), that Apple would just keep it’s mouth shut.

    It did the same thing with the Aluminum Keyboard for the iMac, left them alone because they came out so close to the event.

  4. You can see that it’s in some design program…maybe these photos could have been taken while the graphic designer was creating the page/slide/ad for Apple.

    That would explain the missing sleep button and spelling mistakes.

  5. It’s real.
    1. follows the new shape seen on the MacBook Air.
    2. the graphic shows precise alignment of all the ports and switches along all the views. Color seems to be correct and the lighting angle seems to be correct.
    3. iChat for Windows will be the “One More Thing”. Apple is totally capable of out-of-the-blue-nobody-expected-this type of thing.


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