Mississippi to get first Apple Retail Store

“Renaissance at Colony Park is on track to become the site of the first Apple computer store in Mississippi,” Elizabeth Crisp reports for The Clarion-Ledger.

MacDailyNews Note: Ridgeland at Colony Park is located at the northwest corner of I-55 and Old Agency Road in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

“Ridgeland aldermen approved site plans after discussion this week over the store front’s aesthetics,” Crisp reports.

“Though the computer company already has retail stores in nearby Baton Rouge, Birmingham and Memphis, it had not yet ventured into the Magnolia State,” Crisp reports. “Apple has more than 200 stores world-wide.”

Full article here.

Renaissance at Colony Park’s Job Opportunities for Apple here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeffrey” for the heads up.]


  1. I wonder if apple will be forced to swap the apple logo on the front of the store with the little 3-balled chandalier logo all the pawn shops have down there… People won’t know its a place to buy stuff unless that pawn shop logo is on it.

    There are 3 things to do in mississippi… Pawn shops, gamble on the floating casinos, and strip clubs…

    6 months in Biloxi was the longest time I’ve ever spent in hell.

  2. MDN – it would be helpful if you told us what metropolitan area Ridgeland, MS is in.

    Many Apple stores are in the suburbs, so we don’t always know what city they are near.

    (To save everyone else the trouble, it is near Jackson, MS, the state capitol and largest metropolitan area in the state {according to Wikipedia}. It is no where near the mentioned existing Apple stores in memphis, Baton Rouge, or Birmingham.)

  3. Very happy to have an apple store in MS, even though it will be almost 3 hours north of biloxi.

    Pity our friend didn’t discover the Gehry-designed museum under construction in Biloxi, or go sailing, canoeing, fishing, kitesurfing, trail biking, visiting wilderness barrier islands, nature preserves, or festivals.

    All this – in a post-Katrina environment.

  4. i went to a concert in New Orleans while i was down in pergatory, Biloxi at Keesler AFB (the suicide capital of the Air Force, not shockingly)… it was in a park somewhere in NO, and the cops were out there directing parking traffic… (yes, they had the cop logos on their sleeves)

    when we got back, every single car had a ticket on it – there were “no parking signs” on the other sides of the trees that the cops had told us to park next to.

    I wouldn’t go back to Mississippi, Louisiana, or Abalama for any amount of money – mostly because the folks down there are convinced that they are different places. The truth is its 104° with 99% humidity down there with gators and necks and bugs the size of station wagons and they voted for Huckleberry because they’re all mentally unhinged from years of inbreeding… and the whole damn place is about to be hit with yet another hurricane… if not today, then just wait.

    the only thing to come out of Mississippi that was of benefit to mankind was Brett Favre, the greatest football player of all time.

    btw: post-Katrnia is also just a fancy way of saying “Post Andrew” and “Post Elena”… folks act like Katrina was some kind of new thing down there… its not, and it won’t be. People that build a city below sea level in a place that is routinely demolished by storms would be rightly called “insane” – because insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    When Hurricane _____ blows thru the gulf coast in 20__, what will the excuse be then? We didn’t know it was coming? New Orleans sank another two feet since Katrina, and the levees weren’t high enough again? And why will the rest of the country have to bail you out all over again again?

    There are 50 states – not all of them are worth living in… and many of them come with understood problems… if you move to them, it doesn’t make it my problem that you moved there.

  5. Ridgeland is awash in massive development. It’s gonna be in one of those newfangled outdoor mall things, and will fit right in. This is great for Jackson – a city that never fails to shoot itself in the foot. But lately it’s starting to look like it’ll survive, thanks in small part to Apple.

  6. It’s great to see Apple expanding more and more into the deep south. The expansion has been slow and deliberate, but the location choices appear to be very good.

    To address some of the remarks made about the gulf coast…

    While I certainly agree that every city/state/region has it’s share of problems and vulnerabilities, to even suggest not rebuilding the gulf coast post-Katrina is foolish at best.

    Hurricanes have wrecked havoc upon the gulf coast before – no dispute there. Will future hurricanes do the same? Sure. Will flood control systems fail again? With due diligence, improvements, and proper maintenance – hopefully no. People forget that New Orleans was not “destroyed” by Katrina. Failures in the design and maintenance of the levees caused the majority of the destruction.

    Earthquakes have rattled California and the mid-west. Floods have ravaged much of the country. Tornados can strike at a moment’s notice. Natural disasters happen. Rebuild anyway.

    Each part of our country is too unique and valuable to lose. Along with the tremendous assets come the liabilities. We are all in it together.

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