T-Mobile’s CEO Akhavan: I’m long Apple (AAPL)

“Ask a CEO why you should buy shares in his company and he’ll go right into his sales pitch — as he should. But ask him what other equities you ought to buy, and suddenly he becomes much less loquacious,” Peter Kafka reports for SIlicon Alley Insider.

“Reuters put a battery of top execs through that drill this week at one of the company’s occasional summits,” Kafka reports.

“The most interesting one, by far, is from T-Mobile CEO Hamid Akhavan, whose network was snubbed by Apple in the [initial] iPhone sweepstakes, but still admires El Jobso,” Kafka reports. “Hamid Akhavan, CEO, T-Mobile: Apple (AAPL).”

More picks for other CEOs in the full article here.

[Attribution: MacSurfer. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. T-Mobile carries the iPhone in Germany and soon they will carry it in several other countries.

    The whole premise of the most interesting comment and the Americans who have commented on MDN is out the window. T-Mobile will make lots of money on the iPhone, just not so much in the good old USA.

  2. T-mobile here in america sucks. It is possible they just suck completely with blackberry phones… not sure… but I had 18 blackberry curves and 2 8820’s and 11 razrs. After the first week we were having nonstop issues with atleast half the blackberry users and a handful of the razrs. Dropped calls or no data connection. 2 weeks into it we went to AT&T;and all was great so far…

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