Quanta’s profit up 18-percent on strong Apple notebook sales

“Quanta Computer Inc., the world’s biggest notebook-computer maker, reported first-quarter profit climbed 18 percent on rising sales at customers including Apple Inc. and Acer Inc.,” Tim Culpan and James Peng report for Bloomberg.

“‘In the near term, we expect Quanta to benefit from key client Apple’s market-share gains and we expect a strong second half,’ Patty Liu, a Taipei-based analyst at BNP Paribas Securities Taiwan Co., wrote in a report on April 25,” Culpan and Peng report.

“Liu, who rates the stock ‘hold,’ said Apple accounts for as much as 25 percent of Quanta’s revenue,” Culpan and Peng report.

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  1. I just figured it out!

    China wants Taiwan because it wants Apple! Imagine if all that power fell into the hands of the communists! Can you see it? People running down the streets with iPods everywhere and all the lemmings lined up chanting… Oh my GOD!

  2. “Apple accounts for as much as 25 percent of Quanta’s revenue”

    Living on the edge, Quanta! That’s like having 25% of your retirement porfolio in one stock. Well, if it’s Apple, I guess that’s OK.

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