Goldman Sachs raises Apple estimates, price target

Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey yesterday raised his target price on Apple (AAPL) from $175 to $185 based on “strong Mac sales and a better product mix should offset sluggish iPhone and iPod sales and allow the company to report March quarter results ‘strong enough to satisfy the Street,'” Eric Savitz reports for Barron’s.

“Bailey raised his March quarter EPS estimate to $1.09 from $1.02, and above the Street at $1.06, to reflect better gross margin from component cost declines and ‘a higher-end skew within each product line,'” Savitz reports. “He raised his June quarter estimate to $1.12, from $1.05, above the Street at $1.10.”

Savitz reports, “Bailey sees March quarter unit sales of 2.1 million Macs; he sees 1.4 million iPhones. He sees calendar 2008 sales of 11 million iPhones, ahead of the company’s much-publicized 10 million unit estimate.”

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  1. Not gonna happen.

    Microsoft is making significant gains with Vista, consumers are enamored with Zune + Zune Marketplace, and I-Phone prospects are putting off purchases in anticipation of better phones running the next version of Windows Mobile. Buh-bye, Apple.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. “Microsoft is making significant gains with Vista ” What ?????

    How many years was MS working on this nightmare of an OS.
    If they are making significant gains, why are so many users petitioning MS to keep making XP available ????

    ” enamored with Zune ” …. What ???? Hardly the words I would use for Zune.

    Advice …. put down the MS kool-aid glass. You’ve had too much to drink.

  3. You’re obviously a newbie to MDN, so let me fill you in. Zune Tang’s is a Mac user and his posts are always tongue-in-cheek. They are for our enjoyment. BTW, don’t let this put you off, and welcome to MDN.

  4. Actually, Zune Tang® is really Steve Ballmer. No, don’t go nuts. First read Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Then you’ll realize that Zune Tang® is the “good Dr,” while the Ballmer we all know and love is Mr Hyde. And with Hyde in there, that’s as good as Zune Tang® can be. Poor thing.

  5. No way ZT could be Ballmer. It’s well known that Monkey Boy excretes too much body fluid and breaks too much shit to possibly be allowed near a keyboard (which would explain a lot at MS).

    Now there’s a chance ZT could be Ballmer’s secretary, trainer, goat, etc. But not a chance for Ballmer himself.

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