Apple debuts new ‘Get a Mac’ ad: ‘Office Stress’ (with video)

Apple today debuted a new “Get a Mac” ad on broadcast and cable TV networks across the U.S. and on the company’s website.

In the new ad, “Office Stress,” PC offers Mac a stress toy, but ends up squeezing it throughout the commercial because Macs just got the latest version of Microsoft Office, Mac can do all of the office stuff PC can do, Macs are so compatible with PCs, and people want to transfer all of their files to Mac.

Apple’s latest “Get a Mac” ad: “Office Stress:”

Direct link via You Tube:

The ads are available in a variety of sizes and qualities (up to HD) via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]


  1. My officemates on 2 year old PCs are suffering mightily on Office 2007. They are complaining of sluggishness; some say its 10x slower than Office 2003.

    Back on topic, I just love how Apple is turning a MS positive (release of Office 2008) into a negative. Wicked.

  2. unfortunately however there is no arabic (or any right to left language support) for word 2008, and as someone who has to work extensively in arabic, french and english and exchange said files w/windows users pages is not an option. Therefore I’ve been running office 2007 on my imac via bootcamp w/vista sp1 and have little to no problems

  3. “Actually, the poor suckers using Office 08 on the Mac will need a stress toy.”

    Not really, but I’m not that impressed with it either. I thought it was supposed to be faster than Office 04 on Intel iMacs, but it actually seems slower on mine.

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