Apple to surprise with earlier-than-expected next-gen iPhone debut?

“Will Apple surprise everyone with an earlier-than-expected debut of the next generation iPhone?” Eric Savitz asks via his Barron’s blog.

“Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster raised that possibility today. He writes in a research note that calls today to 20 Apple retail stores nationwide found none of them had iPhones in stock. He also notes the lead time for phones ordered on stands at 5-7 days,” Savitz reports.

“Munster figures there is an 80% chance that a new iPhone is coming earlier than expected; he sees a 20% chance that there is a production or manufacturing issue with the phone,” Savitz reports.

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  1. Apple is probably working hard to make the iPhone look like the new offerings from Samsung, Garmin, Nokia, Rimm, etc. Oh wait, those phones might just be trying to look like the Apple version. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Don’t these device require FCC approval? Isn’t that part of the reason the iPhone was shown six months before it went on sale? Is it possible for Apple to spring a “surprise” new 3G iPhone on us? Just wondering.

  3. God, I hope so. My Nokia has been crapping out lately and not alerting me when I get texts or voicemails. I’d been hoping to hold out until the new iPhone in June but it’s getting seriously annoying. I actually looked at my AT&T;account today about upgrading now and then selling it when the new one comes out.

    Also thought it was weird that the Apple Store had 5-7 days on shipping for both models.

  4. “Don’t these device require FCC approval? Isn’t that part of the reason the iPhone was shown six months before it went on sale?”

    In theory.

    First, you can file a confidentiality request to keep most of the information out of the public eye up. Confidentiality requests are good for 45 days (but can be extended up to 180 days). Second, the other trick used is to create a dummy company to seek approval. When the approval is granted, the dummy company is purchased by the parent company.

  5. It makes sense as there are different interpretations as to how many phones Apple is expected to sell in 2008.
    If they are expecting to sell 10 million in 2008 then they need to get it going. If they mean 10 million since it’s debut to the end of 2008 then they may not be sweating it.

  6. what the hell does “expected” mean?

    Apple never released ANY information about when it could release a 3G iphone so expected is based on NOTHING. I expect it to be released today. welp i guess this guy is wrong since its not released today.

    Stupid, pointless, and factless.

    lets all make stuff up.

    “Based on recent speculation it is logical to assume that Apple is going to release a 20-core CPU based computer as some point in time in the future. Currently there is a 87.4% chance this will be released in a few years, and a 12.6% chance it will be release in a bunch of years.”

  7. Were Apple able to circumvent new FCC approval for a refresh, if this were to be based on the same chipset/internals as the Gen 1 phone, (which I’m not inclined to believe), it would mean no 3G in this revision.

    I’m not inclined to think that even Apple is above the FCC, so I think we’ve still got a few months before a refresh. One possibility to avoid a complete freeze on current iPhone sales would be for Apple to simultaneously cut the price on the base-line model iPhone, $199? And announce the $499 new top-of-the-line, 3G, video phone enable, etc etc etc model will be available in 3 months. Run the stock and only those really sold on the higher functions will be inclined to wait.

  8. Not living in the USA the FCC means little to me, but is it the whole device that needs approved or just the circuitry that does the broadcasting and reception? If so could an already approved circuit be used and not require further approval?

  9. I think it is supply and demand. People are getting their income tax refunds. I know a few who bought an iPhone with theirs.

    No new iPhone until June. Sorry folks.

    Although, I hope I am wrong.

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