RUMOR: Adobe’s Flash already working on Apple iPhone; Jobs using it as leverage in PDF negotiation

“Today I got a note from someone I know who works closely with Adobe and Apple,” Robert Scoble blogs for Scobleizer.

It isn’t a matter of processors, but rather of politics that’s keeping Flash off the iPhone, according to Scoble’s source:

He says that he’s seen Flash running on an iPhone in a lab and that it’s been running for quite a while and that it’s not a technical issue that caused Steve Jobs to go public about not putting Adobe’s Flash on the iPhone.

Adobe is playing hardball with Apple over their PDF renderer. “Adobe wants Apple to use the Adobe PDF renderer.” His thesis? Steve Jobs is playing hard to get to get Adobe to give up this demand.

Full article here.

The lack of Flash doesn’t seem to be hurting iPhone sales with over 5 million iPhone units already sold and counting, Adobe. The ball’s in your court.

This may just be about PDF or more issues between Apple and Adobe may be in play. We’ll likely find out sooner or later.


  1. Obviously iPhone sales are doing very well. That’s because it’s a great piece of technology. However I think it would be considerably better with flash. As it is now, the Safari browser it uses is unequivocally incomplete. At the same time, I don’t want to use Adobe’s PDF renderer on the iPhone.

  2. This is utter bullshit.

    Of course it is already working on an iPhone in the lab … How else would Jobs know Flash is shite on an iPhone?

    Jobs won’t play games by insisting Flash is wrong for iphone for petty negotiation reasons then turn around and say its ok after all.

    This rumor monger is a clueless FUD jackass.

  3. But, Ampar, the real question is, “If a horse shits in the woods and there is no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

    The answer – of course it does, you jackass!

    And, it sounds more like a ker-plop than a thud.

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  4. Umm, what Jobs said was that Flash Lite doesn’t work, and full Flash eats battery life. Which I translated into: “We’ve tried both on the iPhone and neither met our quality standards.” So of course Apple has Flash working in the labs. What we need is for Adobe to come up with an iPhone optimized version.

  5. This makes sense. There’s no other good reason I’ve heard why SJ would leave gaping holes in our iphone browser experience where all the flash content should be.

    Let SJ concentrate on improving something as basic as email deletion and long pauses when deleting on the iphone before publicly complaining about Flash.

  6. let me begin by stating that i’m a Mac user and fan of apple products. however, my concern is that steve jobs is getting more annoying with each passing day. to name a few of my gripes: (1) he’s got the biggest ego in the world, (2) he insults people most recently at the apple shareholder meeting, (3) he backdated options at both apple and pixar, (4) he hid his cancer from the company and the “owners” of apple … the shareholders (5) he tells a person off at macworld 2008 when they ask to take a <a >photo </a>with him

    at the end of the day, STEVE JOBS IS A PRICK

  7. “I thought Adobe had the patent and you had to license it from them. Does Apple use a open source renderer for OS X?”

    The PDF format is fully open and well documented. For OS X, Apple simply wrote their own PDF engine.

  8. Dear Steve,

    Please just buy Adobe already. Then you will own Flash AND the PDF format. Then you can make Flash what it SHOULD be. You could also give away CS3 with Mac Pro’s and double the price for Windoze sufferers. When CS4 is ready, make it Mac only.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  9. Apple’ PDF renderer is not what I’d call the world’s greatest.

    Have any of you had this experience?
    You prepare a file in a page layout app like InDesign or Illustrator (or even Word for god’s sake)…and then attach it..

    The pdf PREVIEW shown in the attachment is often WRONG…and can even carry over to the final document once sent. Yup…it affects the attachment.

  10. “…at the end of the day, STEVE JOBS IS A PRICK”

    Yes, but he’s our prick. And as such, he should be cared for, washed periodically, powdered, and taken out in emergencies. And if he has to take a beating now and again, I’m sure he’ll be up to it.

  11. “Please just buy Adobe already. “

    There is nothing that Adobe has that can’t be developed in-house at Apple for a hell of a lot less than it would cost to buy Adobe. I’m not just talking the cash here, but the tremendous distraction of integrating two companies of that size.


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