Nike + Apple iPod experience coming to a gym near you

Nike and Apple revolutionized the way people run with Nike + iPod and now the companies are redefining the way people work out by bringing the Nike + iPod experience to gyms around the world this summer.

Nike and Apple are working with major gym equipment manufacturers such as Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac and Technogym to make their cardio equipment Nike + iPod compatible so health club members can easily track workouts on cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and stair climbers. Nike + iPod users will simply plug in their iPod nano into the equipment at the start of their workout to automatically record their progress. Users can then connect their iPod with their computer to upload the workout to

“The Nike + iPod experience revolutionized running. Now we’re revolutionizing the gym cardio experience,” said Trevor Edwards, Nike’s Vice President of Global Brand and Category Management, in the press release. “We’re enabling people who go to the gym an opportunity to set goals, track progress, and compete in challenges with their friends and with other members of It’s a groundbreaking tool for people who want to maximize their workouts.”

“The iPod is an essential part of millions of people’s workouts and now users can easily set goals and track their progress with Nike + iPod,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing for iPod, in the press release. “We are excited to be working with Nike and leading equipment manufacturers to bring the Nike + iPod experience to the gym.”

At participating gyms, including 24 Hour Fitness nationwide and Virgin Active Health Clubs internationally, members will soon be able to use Nike + iPod to track their workout and log their data on

• Nike + iPod will allow gym members to track progress, set goals and make challenges on

• By using the coaching tools, personal trainers now have the ability to help clients chart their progress

• When gym users connect their iPod nano to their computer, their workout data is sent to through iTunes. This workout data is converted to “CardioMiles” so that users of cardio equipment can easily set goals and participate in challenges with runners and with users of other cardio equipment

• To date, Nike + iPod runners have logged close to 50 million miles on – making it the world’s largest running club

Source: NIKE, Inc.


  1. Umm…I’ve seen Nike instructors cruising the floors at Holmes Place for some time now – not to mention the Nike+ posters all over the place. Maybe it’s just a silent try here in Germany. Oh well, doesn’t change the fact that Nike’s shoes are the ugliest ever.

  2. Revolutionizing running? I think that’s a bit of a stretch. My Garmin Forerunner has truly revolutionized running. Far more accurate and versatile. Nike + Apple iPod is good for when your stuck on a treadmill, but once outdoors, GPS rules.

  3. GPS rules? maybe if you’re in a jeep, or on a bike, or hiking! for running, Nike+ rules! I’m already taking my iPod, so i’m not carrying another item. nike+ blows forerunner out of the water. i’ve used them both. the integration with running/ipod/itunes/ is simply amazing. and the cost is truly stunning.

  4. LOL. I accuracy means nothing to you. Took a Nike + iPod out (after calibration) with my Forerunner 305. Forerunner says 4 miles, as it should, that’s what the route was. Nike? 3.69 miles. That’s way off. Almost 10%. Other reports have said way worse. Personally, if I want to get better, I have to have accuracy to know that I’m continuing to progress.

  5. what was that Nike+ Web address again? Go on MDN, mention it in the article one more time, just in case we missed it the first / second / third / fourth / fifth / sixth / seventh time around.

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