iPhone’s contribution to Apple’s bottom line will be profound

“Apple COO Cook has affirmed that 10 million iPhones will be sold in 2008,” Stephen Rosenman writes for Seeking Alpha. “Let’s take Apple at its word that it will in fact achieve that sales number. In the past, they’ve made good on their predictions. If anything they’ve made a tradition of making conservative estimates and then beaten them.”

“In Q2 2009, Apple should log 280 million dollars from its iPhone sales and 450 million dollars from its cell phone carriers, or 730 million dollars. That’s almost half of what their total earnings were last quarter. That says nothing about desktops, notebooks, software, and iPod sales. These deferred iPhone profits will keep snowballing. If the number of iPhones accelerates (as I expect over the next two years) and the profit margins improve, the iPhone contribution to the bottom line will be profound,” Rosenman writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gavin” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m a little tired of hearing about the iPhone.

    It’s not the gadget for me.

    I prefer a full keyboard, a large non-glossy screen etc.

    I prefer a matte MacBook Pro and absolutely love it.

    But I understand that there are different people and needs and a iPhone is perfect for them.

    I just wish Apple would be just as understanding for the majority of people who need a cheap laptop sans glossy screens.

    Oh well, I just won’t buy then.

  2. mad mac, whereas it is perfect for me, my work requires the power of a mac pro but an iphone is great for me for internet when out and about and ive never been one for laptops. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. No, I am profound! You are nothing but jerkface little losers. I am de one who matters, not this iPhoney nonsense. Listen to me, I know about this and other things of this nature. So, health care for all the little childrens of KaliFORnia and also I want you to go out right NOW and rent my all-time Christmas holiday smash JINGLE ALL DE VAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

  4. @Mad Mac Maniac
    iPhone ≠ Laptop
    iPhone is a PHONE! You use it to communicate through your mouth using words, primarily. Yes you can watch a movie, check your e-mail and surf the web. But in the end it’s a phone, not a laptop.

  5. “The international sales and monthly cash flow is being amplified by the lower dollar value that is deposited in Apple’s bank account.”

    So, as the U.S. dollar falls, Apple will insist from now on that all payments are in Euros?

  6. Jersey Traitor, stop dis insane nonsense with your GIBBER JABBER flossmouth writings. You are not a man, I AM a man. And I have a message for de people like dis bob up above and all de people of KaliFORNia … please don’t write onto these boards any longer. You are not fit to be seen in my SHADow, because you have not come to these countries from poverty and used de drugs and de maryJUANa and de steroidal CREAMS and other things of this nature.

    Now go out and rent TOTAL RECALL for de watching of such greatness on de iPhone DEluxe, of which I have 7. Because I am Arnold SCHWARTZenleifen and you are all NObodies.

  7. If it’s like their prediction to have 1000 movie on iTunes by the end of February, or the SDK by that same time, then they are going to miss the 10 millions iPhone sold by the end of 2008 mark.

  8. @ Mad Mac Maniac:

    STFU…1) you are either to damn lazy to learn a new way to type or you have 5″ nails that prevent you from using the iPhone’s keyboard 2) as for the glossy screen, I’ve added a anti glare film that resolved the anti glare issue – so it’s a non-issue 3) as for your Macbook preference, SFW! we are talking about a revolutionary product – that NO OTHER PHONE can ‘touch’ – sure the BB has push, the BB has a “real” keyboard – but does it have a built in 8Gb/16Gb storage center? The carrier of your life – movies, music, podcasts, webbrowsing, address book, and soon the iPhone will do things ‘legally’ that no other phone can do…I hate hearing people say ” I want a real keyboard”…

  9. @ Ampar
    Apple sales in Europe are always in Euro. Dollars are not an accepted way of payment when you purchase in Europe.
    BMW only accepts US Dollars in the US, hence they are suffering right now.

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