Apple discontinues Xserve RAID

Try as we might, after today’s debut of Xsan 2 with third-party RAID storage hardware support, we can no longer find Apple’s Xserve RAID on their website or in their online Apple Store.

Apple’s Xserve RAID used to be here, but that page now states simply:

The item you have selected is currently not available from the Apple Store.
Please note that Apple cannot guarantee availability of any product.

Also, Xserve RADI is no longer listed under’s “Mac” tab where it used to be found and the page on that used to take us to Xserve RAID…

…now redirects to a page featuring the third-party Promise VTrak E-Class RAID.

No mention of Xserve RAID’s demise in the Xsan 2 press release is sneaky, Apple, very sneaky. Did you really think we wouldn’t notice?

R.I.P. Xserve RAID, February 10, 2003 – February 19, 2008.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “neo” for the heads up.]


  1. Chills over my shoulders… I hope these storage products do well with my Xserve RAIDS I invested in two years ago. Because at a certain point I need to put more storage in my racks, and these seems to work, only with XSAN 2.0.
    It’s a shame, because I saw a big advantage for Apple in this product.

  2. I hope this is not so. I set up perhaps the only Xserve/XRaid platform in our agency. My colleagues in the Research Section were among the few still partial to UNIX and Apple products, so I suggested this combo for cheap, reliable storage. We started with 1 Terrabyte in the first bay, then expanded to almost 3 TB.

    Over the course of this project we experienced only one hardware problem in the Xserve (resolved the next day) and one software issue involving NFS sharing of very large partitions (resolved by a software update).

    Xserve remains one of the true bargains in small Enterprise class servers. It’ll be a shame if XRaid is no more.

  3. Although this may be true, the evidence provided in the article above is not conclusive that the Xserve RAID is dead. A mistake in web code could produce the same results. Can we wait for an official confirmation from Apple before asserting speculation as fact?

  4. Though XServe Raid looks much nicer thant the third party one, it could yet be a new move from Apple to deliver the same service with less costs involved.
    If this thing works as well and Apple has not to build it for only a restricted number of customers, it’s alright… XServes themselves are still a pure Apple product.

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