PC Mag: Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5.2 Leopard is strongest case yet for Windows PC users to switch to Mac

“Apple recently released its second update to OS X ‘Leopard,’ and the latest version of its shiny operating system is now numbered 10.5.2. When I reviewed Leopard two days after its initial release I called it the best operating system ever made for the vast majority of users. I think that’s even more true now that 10.5.2 fixes some of the first-release glitches that annoyed me in 10.5 and in Apple’s first, quick, bug-fix update 10.5.1,” Edward Mendelson reports for PC Magazine.

“The biggest change in Leopard is that the Stacks features finally works the way it should—with custom folder icons and an option to display a list of files,” Mendelson reports.

“I buy a computer to run programs, not an operating system, so for me the most useful operating system is the one that runs the programs I need to use. The Mac has the advantage over Windows in just about every software category except word processing and spreadsheets. Word for Windows is smoother and more powerful than Word for the Mac, and for the times I need WordPerfect, Windows has that, too. The same applies to Excel: The Windows version outclasses the latest Mac version, which loses support for Visual Basic for Applications macro. If you’re a Windows user who doesn’t care much about word-crunching or number-crunching, though, it may be time to switch,” Mendelson reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “klapka” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: It’s been time to switch for quite some time now. If you need a certain Window application, you can always slum it and run Windows on your Mac either natively or via fast virtualization. No other PC sold today offers what an Apple Mac can offer.


  1. I work at a gigantic Fortune 500 windows-only company, and I haven’t seen a VBA macro since like 2001. Even Microsoft has discouraged the use of this (virus magnet) technology, as it’s disabled by default in Office 2003 and later. I wish reviewers would quite blathering on about “OMG Office:Mac doesn’t support Visual Basic!” as though it’s a negative. Even Microsoft barely supports that technology anymore.

  2. Any visit to an Apple store will provide evidence that a lot of people are switching to Mac’s. Leopard was late but I bet it didn’t cost $5 billion to develop like Vista. Even MS’s new OS caled Windows 7 which is due in 2011 is getting rained on already. If Apple can keep innovating in the OS area they are going to pick up major share on MS.

  3. I can’t say I’m head over heals for Leopard the way I was for Tiger. I guess I’ve just gotten used to things WORKING. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. The author makes an extremely stupid statement here: “…I buy a computer to run programs, not an operating system, so for me the most useful operating system is the one that runs the programs I need to use. …”

    When you buy a computer, you are buying the OS. There is no reason to purchase a Mac to run Windows. You purchase a Mac to run OS X. OS X IS the Macintosh, not the hardware. The hardware is fluff. If OS X ran supported on Sony VAIOs or DELL laptops, people who use Macintosh would suddenly have a huge variety of systems to choose from.

    The silly author says, “…the most useful operating system is the one that runs the programs I need to use…”

    Just about anything that runs on a Mac, outside of Apple’s great iApplications, will run on Windows. He completely misses the point.

    OS X is what makes applications a pleasure to use on the Mac. OS X is what makes the computer secure. OS X is what makes the computer reliable. Again, OS X is the Macintosh.

    If he cannot see that not so subtle distinction, he really shouldn’t be writing for a computer magazine.

    The bottom line is he is most definitely buying the box because that’s where OS X lives.

    Mark my words, eventually Apple will release OS X to run on other hardware. They may do it slowly, licensing this vendor or that vendor, but they will. When they do, that’s when Microsoft will finally get nervous and stop regarding Apple as little more than an annoying insect.

    OS X is the foundation upon which Apple is currently built.

  5. Printing has been my biggest problem with Leopard. I have clients that switched to 10.5 and have to switch back because they have large investments in Canon or Sharp or Xerox or Konico or Minolta or other large color copier/printers and the drivers for these things never keep up with the OS. When they try to print, nothing.

    Same thing for lots of smaller printers. There are even issues with HP printer drivers.

    Apple changed enough of the underlying print architecture to create all sorts of bug-a-boos.

  6. Word? WORD?

    A ghastly program that should never have been born – smart enough to interfere, stupid enough to slow you down.

    My daughters loathe it as much as me, but have to plod on because their schools run the hideous thing.

    Give me Textedit (simple) or Quark (sophisticated) anytime.


  7. Upgraded to 10.5.2 a few days ago. No real major improvements. Maybe a little quicker, but I do like being able to display stacks as a folder icon and not the annoying parade of pictures.

    Although, a tiny little topless Milla Jovovich staring at me all day sure kept me working.

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