Yahoo! Mail finally works with Apple’s Safari 3

“When it comes to OS X applications, Yahoo is normally a bit (or a lot) behind the curve. The rather lackluster beta 2 release of Messenger for Mac provided Leopard compatibility but not much else, and offered proof of just how far behind the curve the company was. Yahoo! Mail is another example of Yahoo dragging its feet, since only yesterday did the new-look Mail get an upgrade to work with Safari 3 on OS X,” Justin Berka reports for Ars Technica.

“For the record, Safari 3 has been out since June of 2007, and the latest iteration of Yahoo Mail (called All-New Yahoo Mail) has been out since August. During the past few months, Safari 3 users on OS X have had to deal with with Mail Classic, or have been forced to use Firefox to get to the newer Yahoo Mail,” Berka reports.

More in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Full headline: “Yahoo! Mail finally works with Apple’s Safari 3 (at least until Microsoft takes over)”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Island Girl” for the heads up.]


  1. I am happy to know that I am not the only one who has a problem with super-slow loading times for MDN’s site.
    Does their web developer actually think that if we have to look at the surrounding ads for 10 seconds before we see the actual text based content we are there to see in the first place, that it will mean more hits and potential money for the advertisers??
    Go to MacSurfers site and watch it blister. Google is huge initially because their search site loaded extremely fast back when we were using 56k modems. They beat the competition and applied the KISS principle. Our company’s site is largely
    flash based and it still loads faster than MDN’s site.

  2. “(Yahoo! Mail finally works with Apple’s Safari 3 (at least until Microsoft takes over)”

    I’m dreading that day. Hope it never comes. Yahoo! Mail is my primary Web mail account, although I use for my POP3 email account through my ISP.

    I second the comments about MacDailyNews loading times today; it’s been veeerrrryyy sloooooowww all morning. What’s up with that?

  3. I love Yahoo Mail. I think it’s the best internet mail out there. GMail is great too, especially the free POP support. But YMail looks, feels and acts like a real app.

    If MSFT ends up succeeding in buying YHOO, I fully expect all the cool stuff will be cut (Flickr, YFinance, etc.) and a culture of mediocrity will set in to temper whatever innovation was coming out of YHOO. This will be a HUGE loss for the consumer.

    I have a feeling MSFT is not intent on a marriage, just a raid and smear. If YHOO is gone, MSFT moves up in the search engine ratings, and their profits go up. Typical MSFT modus operandi: destroy the competition, hammer them any way you can until you’re the only one left standing. Nobody seems to see this or think there’s anything wrong with it. The business press, of course, has not pointed this out.

  4. A bit of your childish nature showing thru today, MDN? Don’t get too carried away with the religious drivel. It’ll eat you alive.

    My Windows Live Spaces website and online Live Mail account work fine with Safari 3. The only thing that doesn’t work is drag n drop uploading of files to my SkyDrive because that requires an ActiveX application. But manual uploading of files still works with Safari.

    I’d bet that if Microsoft owned Yahoo! that the mail interface would’ve worked with Safari out-of-the-box. If Microsoft doesn’t save Yahoo! they’ll be dead and gone in two more years, which would be a shame being they’re one of the original cornerstones of the internet.

    The whole world don’t revolve around a glowing Apple. The sooner you Apple Lemmings realize that the better off the whole world will be because The Rest Of Us just laugh at your religious drivel.

  5. “The sooner you Apple Lemmings realize that . . . “

    Gosh. I hope not. It’s way too much fun pissing you off. You are very entertaining. I think it’s your zealotry and conviction that Zune Tang lacks.

    “The Rest Of Us”
    That’s a weird name for a support group but o.k.

  6. ‘Former Mac User’ needs to get on with his life.

    I agree with Ampar. It is funny how some people are critical of Mac users zeal, but this guy is here doing what? Goading total strangers? At least our zeal is for something positive.

    Mr. ‘FMU’:
    1. Nobody’s life revolves around Apple.
    2. The myth that Lemmings all run off cliffs is actually false.
    3. The term ‘Lemming’ is applied to a group who, out of ignorance follow the crowd into some kind of folly. Soccer hooligans, for example.
    Or windows users.

  7. Ok that was unkind. Sorry.

    So what are YOU zealous about FMU? Don’t you have something that you are just crazy about. A girl? A planet? An inert gas? There has to be something.

    I love my Mac. It has enabled me to start my own business without even buying any software. Everything was already on my iMac.
    That’s exciting to me.

    But please. I’m no ‘lemming’ and I have a life. I have a wife and I have kids and I have friends. Looking through MDN is a hobby. Like cow tipping or origami.

    Listen, every big company has many many faults, but I’ll take Apple faults over Micros**t faults any day.

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