MacBook Air’s best friend: Targus’ Ultra Mini USB 2.0 4-Port Hub

Targus’ Ultra Mini USB 2.0 4-port hub is meant for travel – even though we also use them on our MacBook Pros while at our desks. Some of our MacBook Pros are even using two of these hubs simultaneously without issue.

MacBook Air owners take note. It allows you to connect 4 USB devices to your notebook simultaneously. It has a transfer rate of 480 Mbps, plug and play capabilities, and does not require an AC adapter. Compact, affordable and easy to use, this hub is perfect for the traveler on the go who doesn’t want to sacrifice the convenience of external peripherals.

Now, it only comes in the blue color pictured (we can live with it; it reminds us of the old iMacs), but it is very small and light at just 3.67″ x 0.86″ x 0.74″ and 1.1 oz. It works with Mac OS X right out of the box.

One nice touch is that the USB plug has a little round plastic nub which snaps into the blue hub’s bottom for easy packing.

The Targus Ultra Mini USB 2.0 4-port hub retails for US$19.99.

More info here.


  1. Has anyone here tried to use the MacBook Air Superdrive attached to a USB hub plugged into the Air?
    I’ve read a couple posts elsewhere that say the Superdrive must be plugged directly into the Air’s USB port to work. It would be unfortunate if you couldn’t use a USB hub, because most people would need one, I think.

  2. wait you use a superdrive and a flash drive at the same time? what are you doing copying files from CD to thumb drive?

    If you said superdrive/thumb drive and a usb mouse with scroll wheel I could believe you.

    the only thing that really gets me about the air is no ethernet jack. that way you could use ethernet, and the superdrive at the same time.

  3. OK, lets reword that. If you’re TRAVELING with a laptop, what do you use?

    I don’t think I’m packing a Wacom tablet and scanner. Although the airport screeners might have fun with the scanner.

    I believe we’ll see this fall into two distinct groups. The engineer/techy types that will always want to take every gadget known to man or the sales rep types that want to keep it as simple and light as possible.
    Nothing wrong with either, just different mind sets.

  4. “BS… they should have put at least one more USB port in.. and spaced them a little better.”

    im sure theyll get you to design the next one then as your comment suggests that you know better in the weeks its been out rather than the 2 years development on the product.

  5. I work in a hotel and I see road warriors sitting around our lobby all day long using the hotel’s Wi-Fi system and I have NEVER seen a single one with anything plugged into a USB port. Not one. Ever.

    Now the hotel doesn’t have Wi-Fi in the rooms but an Airport Express would be a great solution for that. I honestly don’t know more travelers haven’t discovered them. I love mine.

    I think the complainers are just that–complainers.

  6. “BS… they should have put at least one more USB port in.. and spaced them a little better.”

    HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT THEY CAN GET MORE THAN 4 ON THAT STICK” They already have one at the end and 3 on the side..Pretty compact.. Things just aren’t good enough for some people..

  7. Your right Bob. I should just take it up the arse and be satisfied with what an engineer decides is the best way for me to use my computer.

    What was I thinking.

    The air is perfect in every way.. it must be… because it took 2 years to develop.

    Why would I want to have an “ultra portable” that doesn’t come with a cd/dvd drive or wired network connectivity to have enough usb slots so I don’t have to carry around yet another thing (usb hub) in my bag.

    After all.. when you are done traveling.. and reach your destination.. that laptop is going to be sitting on a desk.

  8. @ whatever.. I was referring to the 2 usb ports on the air. Not this accessory.

    My opinion is that having only 2 usb ports.. that are too close together.. was not a good design decision.

    How many of you have actually used an air? Look at one in person and you will see what I am taking about.

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