RUMOR: More new Apple stuff within days?

“Apple’s already told us that it’ll be unveiling the Software Development Kit (SDK) to open up the iPhone and iPod touch to third party apps sometime this month. Now it’s starting to look like February 26 will be the day,” reports.

“Crafty Apple-watchers have spotted that the TV firm Apple uses for its launch announcements is hiring for a big event then – a telling clue that it might be the day,” reports.

“We’re likely to see several apps to launch at the same time as the SDK, including moderately dull but useful support for Exchange and Lotus Notes… Since Apple’s promised us a year of continuous announcements, we also reckon we could hear of an update to the MacBook Pro,” reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. I leave on vacation in about a week. I’d like to replace my old 867MHz PowerBook 12″ before then. The MacBook Air was a letdown as a replacement for the coveted PowerBook 12″.

    Come on Steve, release the new MacBook Pros with multitouch next week and have them available right away.

  2. Hooray! On a separate note, I walked over to the Apple Store today. The Air is amazing, you have to hold it to believe it.

    I also walked by the Nokia store to see their internet tablet, which is something I wish Apple would offer. The Nokia was OK, but nothing special, although the keyboard, albeit smaller than the iPhone’s was somewhat easier to use with fingers. A lot of people already have phone contracts or carriers that they’re happy with (ATT can’t touch my deal with Sprint). I can’t understand why Apple can’t create an iPhone device without the phone, just a data plan. I’d be the first to buy it, and I don’t think I’d be the last.

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