Apple stock ready to shine again?

“The recent selloff of Apple has reached such an extreme that some portfolio managers say it’s a buying opportunity for investors,” Priya Ganapati reports for

MacDailyNews Take: Ya think? Does that mean they’re done manipulating it for now?

Ganapati continues, “Company observers say Apple’s steady growth overseas and its coming launch of the iPhone in new markets overseas could help offset some of the economic uncertainty in the U.S. markets.”

“Consumer demand remains strong for the iPhone, a major player in the smartphones market, according to market research firm ChangeWave Research,” Ganapati reports. “Indeed the iPhone is the top choice among consumers planning to buy a new cell phone in the next six months.”

“Darren Chervitz, director of research for the Jacob Internet Fund, says Apple’s long-term prospects remain strong and the recent dip presents a buying opportunity. Jacob Internet Fund holds shares of Apple in its portfolio,” Ganapati reports. “Fears that a recession or a slowdown could impact consumer spending may already be baked into the stock at its current levels, experts say.”

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  1. We all know its a conspircy (sp) to try and topple Apple, either that or its the wall streeters working to make big bucks off Apple.

    Once they have milked every dollar they can out of the bottom price, it will climb back up.

    And since it was the Street that wrote the article, we know where they really stand!!! They want us to buy a few more shares and drive the price up one last time so that they can hammer it again.

    But….. every article about Apple is super positive. So, when they have bought enough shares thru the back door accounts so the Feds will not notice, up it goes.


  2. The hammering is not malicious, but calendar centric. Money cycles out of consumer goods at the end of the calendar year because that sector cannot grow during the winter months.

    Large blocks of money simple move around to net the best return during windows of time.

    Watch the shares rise now moving toward the end of the quarter, then settle for 30-50 days, then move forward until the WWDC. During the low demand of the summer, large positions will be built slowly.

    End of the year, around $225.

    That result will be sold as a terrible year for the stock, and it will get hammered in early January.

    Are you taking notes? There is going to be a test, you know, and an A in this course equals no mortgage.

  3. M$ would pay the price if Apple somehow went out of business. Can we say D.O.J. and anti-trust? Apple isn’t going anywhere and M$ is more likely to have trouble because computer users are fed up with their OS.

  4. I think people are overreacting to AAPL’s price drop, and ascribing motives to market participants that display the ignorance, zeal, and/or hypocrisy of many investors: First, the market has been getting slammed over the past couple of months: CME lost 101 points a few days ago, and many other stocks have been hit just as hard as Apple has. Second, when Apple flew up to 200 over the last year, nobody complained of manipulation; nobody said those profits were ill-gotten gains. If you believe AAPL, or any stock, is being manipulated, then accept both sides of the issue.

    The market moves in cycles, always has. If anything, it’s usually the excess of the upside–and deception on the upside such as cooked books and misleading statements motivated by greed–that eventually requires bear markets to wring out the excess, whether inventory or the negative effects of credit expansion (or, in the case of the current credit/housing situation, both).

    If you truly believe the stock is being manipulated and want to continue to make money, then sell short or buy puts when your stock falls. Otherwise understand that the action of the market is bigger than some anonymous people out to steal your profits.

  5. Darren Chervitz, director of <strike>research</strike> Pointing Out The Blindingly Obvious for the Jacob Internet Fund, says Apple’s long-term prospects remain strong and the recent dip presents a buying opportunity.

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  6. @jimbo von wiskinheimer:

    <quote>”En, why did you put the (sp) after your misspelling? If you are on a Mac and you think you misspelled a word, simply double click the word, then right-click it and pull up the dictionary. It will suggest the proper spelling of conspiracy for you!</quote>

    Actually, in windows running firefox you can do the same exact thing, it pulls up the definition on a free dictionary website in a separate tab. Heck, you can translate from languages, search the web, do all kinds of stuff – and that’s just because of the browser and whatever plug-in utilities you customize it with. Who needs an OS anyway?

  7. When Apple was at 12, no one said “buy”, and when it was at 200, few people said “sell”. Some big companies can make money in the long term, but for ordinary people, you might as well go to Las Vegas.

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