Microsoft is stupid, Apple is not

“Frankly, there’s no other way to say this: Microsoft is stupid and Apple is not,” Jim Lynch writes for ExtremeTech.

“If you take a look at the history of OS design by each company, it’s pretty clear why this is so. Microsoft has historically made an unreliable, ugly, and highly insecure operating system based on its own spaghetti/Swiss cheese code. This is no secret to anyone who has followed the industry or even used Windows on a daily basis. If you are a Windows users you MUST have spyware/virus/malware prevention software or, sooner or later, your machine is going to get nailed,” Lynch writes.

“It isn’t Microsoft bashing to say any of this, it’s just the truth for Windows users each day of their computing lives,” Lynch writes. “Apple, on the other hand, decided long ago to ditch their old operating system and build one that was Unix based. Why did this matter? Well as people have begun to notice, thanks to its Unix roots, Mac OS X is a hell of a lot more stable and secure than any version of Windows ever released. Apple didn’t make this choice by chance, they thought it through and knew exactly what they were doing and why.”

Lynch writes, “Mac users simply don’t live in the same inherently insecure and fearful universe that Microsoft, through its stupidity and bad programming, has inflicted on Windows users. The difference is night and day, and anyone who has ever switched from Windows over to Mac OS X (or Linux for that matter) knows how liberating it is once you realize that are free and safe from debilitating viruses, spyware, and malware that plague the Windows operating system.”

Lynch writes, “Microsoft is stupid and will never get security right, Apple already has… Smart computer users are abandoning Microsoft in droves and embracing Mac OS X and/or Linux.”

“And, thanks to Apple’s skill at elegant design, Mac OS X is also much easier on the eyes and far more intuitive than Windows 2000, XP, or even the deeply flawed Windows Vista (which was supposed to be Microsoft’s best shot at catching up to Mac OS X). All Microsoft had to do, in terms of design, was to copy Mac OS X, but they couldn’t even do that right. So they ended up with an ugly imitation of Mac OS X Tiger and then promptly fell even further behind after Apple released Mac OS X Leopard,” Lynch writes. “Instead of the simple elegance of Mac OS X, Vista looks like a Frankenstein OS…bolted together and looking more and more like a stumbling, walking corpse of an operating system… [It’s] a second-rate clone of Mac OS X…”

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  1. I don’t agree with the verse,

    “Smart computer users are abandoning Microsoft in droves and embracing Mac OS X and/or Linux.”

    I regret telling a couple of people about macs, cause they now whinge about how they can do things that they can’t in mac, because theres an easier and better way… for example, instead of Control-C in windows, it’s Command-C in macs…. and the whinge never stops.

    Hence people, only introduce macs to those whom are sick on windows. If they like windows, and they’re stupid, let them be…

    that way the only userbase for windows computers are stupid and whinging

  2. For years I have been a Windows user. My transition to the Mac began when my office gave me PowerBook a few years ago as my laptop. I hesitated for a while. Slowly but surely I made my transition, even giving my $3,000 Dell XPS system to my 10 year old to play games.

    Fact is, I got tired of the constant battle with Windows. Did I remember to update my antivirus? Should I open that email? What does the cryptic message mean? How do I force an offending program to close?

    Well, to accommodate some of what I do, I even partitioned my MacBook Pro (barely 4 months old now) to run Vista. My God, I got frustrated with that piece of crap and just this week removed the Windows partition. Too much hassle.

    Frankly, there are some good things to be said of XP. Vista? Total garbage. Too bad. My computing experience is of such that my next move to met my significant other a Mac. She has just finally seen the light. I guess she realizes it’s hell to get rid of the spyware that has infected her Sony laptop.

  3. Apple is coming back strong and that’s good. But as far as I’m concerned, calling a 300+ billions market cap company “stupid”, is in fact “stupid” !!!!!!!!!!

    Microsoft is laughing at your article, they’ve managed to dominate an industry. Honnestly they must have done something right. Not seeing that doesn’t help nobody, including Apple.

    Wake up MDN.

  4. This article invites the usual arguments as to why Windows is spaghetti and why the UNIX foundation on OS X is so superior. We should never forget the positions two companies ended up in: Windows is held hostage by the enterprise customers. It is impossible for MS to turn around like Apple and re-work Windows from the ground up, building it on a totally different system. Legacy support is the curse of MS Windows throughout its history. There is simply no way Apple would have been able to make three major migrations in just ten years with the anvil of enterprise tied around its neck. From 68k to PPC code, from OS9 to OSX (cocoa/carbon), from PPC to Intel (Rosetta), every time they switched, they had left some developers and some applications behind. In the end, their product was cleaner, leaner, more effective and, over-all, much better for it.

    There is an unrelated difference which cannot be argued as a mitigating factor for Microsoft, and that is User Interface. Nothing prevented MS from designing a good UI. Obviously, their best attempt at that (Vista) is an unqualified failure. And that is why Apple will continue to gain market hare.

  5. Microsoft’s market share is more than 90%. Apple’s market share is less than 10%. Microsoft has a partner network, Apple does not.

    When Microsoft released Vista, many drivers weren’t available. People said you can’t blame Microsoft for that, because the drivers are written by third parties.

    When Apple released Leopard, all the drivers were included.

    So how did this state of affairs come about?

  6. XP is not bad, but Vista is truly a failure. I tried it on my other computer for a bit and its just a disaster. I cant even install Microsoft owns MSN without the whole screen going black and warning me twice that the program might be infected with spyware. I cant even move a file without “permission from the administrator.” I tried plugging in the Microsoft LIVE vision camera which works without drivers on XP, even Leopard, but it’s not compatible with Vista. I seriously hope Mac takes over, its just such a perfect, integrated experience.

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