Apple’s Safari 3.1 Beta incorporates latest WebKit features

“Apple has seeded a new build of Safari 3.1 to developers today. The new release seems to incorporate much of what has been implemented in the Webkit builds since the last major release,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

New features include :
• HTML5 audio and video tags
• HTML5 SQL storage API
• getElementsByClassName
• Downloadable fonts
• CSS Transforms and CSS Animations

More details and links in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. and while Canon’s flagship camera was announced last August, there still is no RAW support for the OS nor Aperture and it has been 6 months.

    Not a good way to push Aperture for “Professionals” if we can’t even use the software for this long!

    Sorry, I am pissed.

  2. I hope it fixes a problem I’ve encountered with my MBP since the Safari 3.0 came out. When the MBP wakes from sleep it all of a sudden has no internet connection. Quitting the program doesn’t help. The wifi “power meter” can show full strength and still no connection. The MBP must be rebooted in order to get internet.

  3. I was thinking the other day that an interesting thing about the version of safari that runs on the touch and iPhone is that although it is standards based and can run webpages as is, it’s also a device that people want to tailor sites specifically for to really make the most of it. As such, any advances Apple can add to safari can really get entrenched since people can make use of them on their iPhone sites without worrying about cross browser compatibility. As such these things may then trickle back down to desktop browsers. Wherease before the web was held back by IE and people having to tailor to the majority of users I think think we’re now at a point were developers and designers can start to really push the boundaries and if IE or others don’t keep up well screw them.

  4. Honest question about RAW support…

    How can someone say Apple isn’t supporting RAW, when I can clearly import (and manipulate) every RAW image that I’ve ever shot with my Canon?
    Am I missing something, or is my copy of Leopard/iPhoto just special?

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  5. When are Apple gonna take that bloody annoying “Are you sure you want to quit?” pop-up off Safari? It’s ssssooooo Windows! Come on Apple, if I didn’t wanna quit Safari I wouldn’t have pressed “Quit Safari” would I? Leave all that dumb BS for the MS crowd but keep it off the Mac.

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