RUMOR: Apple MacBook Pro update coming soon

“Last week, we’d heard an unconfirmed report that three new MacBook Pro models had appeared in Best Buy’s inventory tracking system. Some inventory screenshots we received today appear to confirm this earlier report, showing off the upcoming $1999 price point MacBook Pro,” Arnold Kim reports for Mac Rumors.

“These new SKUs come with the exact same price points as current MacBook Pros ($1999, $2499, $2799) and show an in-stock date of February 10th, 2008,” Kim reports.

“The new MacBook Pros will likely incorporate only modest updates (Penryn and Multi-Touch),” Kim reports.

More info and screenshot links in the full article here.


  1. they already have gestures sorta in current macbooks, couldnt they just update the drivers for current macbooks to incorporate the multigesture. I mean, i use 2 fingers for scrolling, why not 3 for swiping?

  2. Unfortunely if all these MacBook Pro models come with glossy only screen options, be prepared for a lot of pissed off professionals.

    I won\’t buy the MacBook Air until it has a matte screen.

    Imagine a nasty glare screen on the MBA?

    The glare screen would most likely weight more than the computer! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Apple knows better than to go glossy on pro machines..

    If they did such a dumb thing, they’d lose a lot of customers.

    I’ve been an Apple user for 20 years, but I will NEVER buy a glossy display or notebook.

  4. Not again the glossy-matte discussion. I have an impression that all this noise about the glossy screens is coming out of the same ten guys who’ve been diligently padding online surveys, posting on every forum in the world and pretty much tirelessly trying to keep this non-issue alive for the longest time possible.

    Apple does not do stupid things such as this. If matte was what the majority wanted, you’d have had iMacs and MacBooks in matte long time ago. The two most popular Mac lines would NOT be glossy-only if any meaningful market was not taken care of by the glossy screen. Obviously, the market share for non-glossy is negligible.

  5. @Sum Jung Gai

    An excellent answer. I’ve often wondered why these ‘color pros’ that constantly moan about glossy displays, do all their correction work in offices with fluorescent lights.

    Maybe they should alter their environment, and the problem will disappear?

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