Ron Paul attracts most campaign contributions from U.S. tech employees

“While the U.S. electronics industry isn’t a major donor to U.S. presidential campaigns, generally preferring to focus its financial clout on congressional races, something unusual is happening this election cycle. According to early federal estimates, GOP hopeful Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a libertarian, is attracting the most individual campaign contributions from employees of major U.S. high-tech companies,” George Leopold reports for EE Times.

“Based on available donor data, the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics estimates that employees of Google Inc. and related political action committees are the top contributors to Paul’s long-shot presidential bid. As of Sept. 30, Google employees had contributed $22,250 to Paul, and Microsoft Corp. employees were the No. 4 overall contributor to Paul’s campaign, kicking in $12,863. Employees from Cisco Systems, Apple Inc. and Verizon have also contributed,” Leopold reports.

“According to the most recent figures released by the Federal Election Commission, Paul has raised almost $8.3 million, nearly all of it from individual contributors. According to commission totals, Paul raised more than $214,000 in contributions through the end of the third quarter from computer and network technology companies,” Leopold reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. @ Guess Poser

    You’re preaching to the choir.

    Hemp is arguably the most valuable non-food crop known to mankind. It’s oil is a substitute for petroleum. Imagine, a renewable source of biodegradable fuel, plastics, and paint. Not to mention its fiber, which is a substitute for both wood (paper) and cotton (cloth). It is fast and easy to grow, harvest, and process virtually anywhere, requiring little labor and no polluting chemical fertilizers.

    Technically, it is legal to grow hemp in the US with a federal license. However the federal government does not grant licenses.

    If it weren’t for RP’s views on abortion and creationism, I’d be all for him.

  2. First you might want to research where your taxes go (Hint: paying a private bank “The Federal Reserve” interest on the money it lends you to fight illegal wars.)

    If it wasn’t for that corporation, your country would have much, much, much lower taxes.

    I’m not sure I follow the “Liberty without responsibility” part.

    He’s more of the “Liberty without government tyranny”

    You Americans better wake up soon, cause I don’t want you taking us down with you.

  3. What’s nuts about him? He actually obeys the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8 and the 10th Amendment: read it). So when he says “repeal all federal drug laws, including those that prohibit kids from smoking crack”, note that the key word is FEDERAL. State and local governments are the only ones that constitutionally have the authority to make such laws, and anyway they would probably enforce them far more efficiently and sensibly, instead of the current failed, unconstitutional, one-size-fits-all federal War on Drugs.

    So, after learning the reasoning behind his positions, which of his “ramblings” is actually “insane”?

  4. Understanding why tech workers support Ron Paul is easy. Tech workers typically have better math skills then the typical American who has trouble making change for a Big Mac.

    Therefore, since tech workers can actually add and multiply, they can see the humungous US budget and trade deficits are driving the US toward bankruptcy.

    Paul’s solution: quit spending our tax money on foreign wars and entanglements and quit sending our jobs oversees for free.

    Keeping the US from turning into a 21st century Argentina should be the only campaign issue and Ron Paul is the only one talking about it.

  5. Ron Paul is the most honest in the race!

    How can american people not be for their own freedom? We are not voting for a prom queen….

    People wake the f*ck up! Ron Paul will eliminate the IRS and Taxes…You get to keep your the money you earn instead of paying the interest in the federal debt.

    This country ran fine for nearly 200 years WITHOUT an INCOME TAX before the fradulent bad money system was brought into place in 1913 known as the Federal Reserve.

    Which other candidate wants to give the American People back their Freedom that was taken away by the Patriot Acts?

    Which other candidate wants the American People to keep their hard earned money by getting rid of the thugs called the IRS?

    Most of the income tax we pay goes towards the interest payments we on the $9.2 Trillion Dollars we owe to foreigners like the Chinese.

    In time we all will have wished we had the wisdom to vote for Ron Paul when our new chinese landlord is kicking us out in the streets.

    I really don’t understand how people are not interested in their own freedom and money….one of the mysteries of life.

    Isn’t freedom and prosperity two of the things that made the us great?

    Now the US is the most in debt and bankrupt country in History because of the jokers in washington self serving policies.

    For an eye opening experience watch this video…Then vote for whomever you think is really looking out for you and America.

  6. @librium:

    For one thing, he’s almost as big a religious extremist as Huckabee. He outright rejects evolution, using the popular definition of “theory” over the more accurate scientific one (and he’s a “Dr.”!).

    His foreign policy (what little he’s espoused on it) pretty much boils down to extreme isolationism.

    In many ways he reminds me of Lyndon LaRouche: brilliant in one area, but completely bizarre everywhere else. I prefer a more well-rounded candidate, thank you very much.

  7. I love this man. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Ron Paul. I changed my party affiliation when I heard this man speak. I think that Mr. Obama would make a good President but Ron Paul would be a great one.

    Watch this video. He is starting a revolution. Ron Paul 08

  8. When did Ron Paul ever say he was a creationist? Are you sure you’re not thinking of Mike Huckabee? But anyway, how should that affect his presidency, even if he were?

    Also, Paul’s position on abortion is just that it must be dealt with at the state level (Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution and the 10th Amendment: read it). Why do you oppose this?

  9. “What little he’s espoused on it”? Ron Paul has written a whole book on noninterventionist foreign policy, actually, called “A Foreign Policy of Freedom”.

    It is not isolationist. Isolationism is refusal to interact with other countries; noninterventionism is refusal to use military force against other countries. In fact, our interventionism has increased our isolationism, Cuba being a perfect example of a country that other countries can travel to and interact with but, because of our policies, we cannot.

    There is nothing “extreme” about a noninterventionist foreign policy. It is practiced by Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Australia… the United States, somehow, is for the most part the “extreme” one, unique in feeling that IT, unlike any other country, for some reason must have bases in 130 countries around the world.

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