Ron Paul attracts most campaign contributions from U.S. tech employees

“While the U.S. electronics industry isn’t a major donor to U.S. presidential campaigns, generally preferring to focus its financial clout on congressional races, something unusual is happening this election cycle. According to early federal estimates, GOP hopeful Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a libertarian, is attracting the most individual campaign contributions from employees of major U.S. high-tech companies,” George Leopold reports for EE Times.

“Based on available donor data, the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics estimates that employees of Google Inc. and related political action committees are the top contributors to Paul’s long-shot presidential bid. As of Sept. 30, Google employees had contributed $22,250 to Paul, and Microsoft Corp. employees were the No. 4 overall contributor to Paul’s campaign, kicking in $12,863. Employees from Cisco Systems, Apple Inc. and Verizon have also contributed,” Leopold reports.

“According to the most recent figures released by the Federal Election Commission, Paul has raised almost $8.3 million, nearly all of it from individual contributors. According to commission totals, Paul raised more than $214,000 in contributions through the end of the third quarter from computer and network technology companies,” Leopold reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I gave thrice. And will do so thrice more times if he’s still around after tomorrow. As long as those other two puppets don’t win enough for a first round nomination lock there is always hope that sanity will win out in the end. If the libertarians succeed in taking over the Republican party we are in for a real treat of an election. Look what happened to Apple when Next took it over… same type of change if we succeed.

    Stop dreaming, restore the republic. Tomorrow do yourself a favor and vote RP.

  2. @ Ron Menke

    “His foreign policy (what little he’s espoused on it) pretty much boils down to extreme isolationism.”

    It’s evident, like McCain, you don’t know the difference between isolationism and non-intervention.


    As for the Federal Income Tax. All you need to do is read, “Cracking the Code – The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America” to set yourself free of the opressive income tax.

  3. Ron Paul has some stances with which I disagree (for example, going back to the gold standard) but I like him the best.

    I am going to write in his name for this coming election if he is not the front runner. I urge as many of you as possible who don’t want another liberal (McCain or Clinton/Obama) as president to also write in his name. We need to send a message to the RNC that we are not going to tolerate these fake Republicans.

  4. Tech workers understand Ron Paul because their jobs revolve around logic – every effect has a cause and every benefit has a cost. Other candidates promise short-term benefits but never talk about long-term costs.

  5. Ron Paul is the best hope America has. Wake up America before it’s too late. Have you witnessed the games the establishment has played against Ron Paul? It’s a war out there and amazingly, only about 5% of the population is even aware of it. Dr. Paul is the most inspiring and logical man I have ever listened to, but the powers that be what nothing of him or the mounting revolution. Tomorrow should be interesting….

  6. “If it weren’t for RP’s views on abortion and creationism, I’d be all for him.”

    Please don’t let this stop you from supporting this incredible statesman. Neither of these views matter because he believes they are to be settled at the state level, not by the federal government. So what’s wrong with that?

    And, anyway, if you check carefully, you’ll see that his views on evolution are NOT what you think they are.

    America needs Ron Paul BADLY. If we do not elect him, we may lose this country. If you care about your children, you MUST strongly consider voting for Ron Paul. Period.

  7. If you think about it, really, nothing is pure fact. Everything is theory. Science theories are disproven or modified everyday because what we know about the world can change. Sure, there are theories that have gained acclaim and the backing of major scientists.. but they have been wrong before. Although I do believe in evolution, I won’t hold it against Ron Paul for believing it may not exist, as long as he doesn’t enforce his beliefs on me. And I don’t think he would either, because he has shown with his principled record that he believes in freedom for us to choose how to live which is why I will continue to support him.

  8. Ron Paul is a Republican and he has my vote – even if on the Nov. election day I have to write him in. By the way, McCain’s campaign is a long shot. Huckabee is a no shot. Romney is a stain – a premature ejaculation. And yes, I’m one of those high tech engineers who has so far contributed to Ron Paul’s campaign on three different occasions, and will do again as the campaign progresses. Live Free and screw Bush who defrauded my vote by lying to me!! But those fake Republicans will never get my vote again. I’m a life long Republican and a true conservative, and I will do my part to kick those elitist fascists out of my beloved Republican Party!!

  9. The problem with this guy being a creationist is that it shows a fundamental inability to think logically and objectively. This certainly isn’t the sort of characteristic you’d want in a president, no matter how much he says he won’t impose his views on others.

  10. The other problem with him being a creationist is that it speaks of someone who believes in simple, absolute solutions to complex and difficult problems, and I think this is reflected in his policy platform somewhat. He certainly has some good ideas that are worth discussing, but in practice I don’t think he could fully implement his policy platform without some compromises.

  11. “The other problem with him being a creationist is that it speaks of someone who believes in simple, absolute solutions to complex and difficult problems”

    behold, the explanation for every stupid thing done by the moron in chief we have had for the last 7 years…..

    shall we give another moron a shot at it?

    fools like Ron and georgey the monkey see the world as black and white, and their responses are similarly ham handed. and then many people sneer and call appropriate reactions “nuance” and make fun of it, as if having the ability to approach issue with a fine grained approach is the mark of stupidity that there absolutist view shows….

    the problem with the america is not people like shrub and Paul. the problem is the simpletons who support them because they think they are brilliant for suggesting that the solution to all problems can be fit on a bumper sticker or a 5 second sound bite.

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