MCE debuts 320GB hard drive upgrade for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro

MCE Technologies has announced the 320GB MobileStor Performance hard drive upgrade solution for all MacBook Pro and MacBook systems. Along with a high-performance, 320GB 2.5” internal SATA hard drive, the 320GB MCE MobileStor Performance hard drive upgrade solution includes an external, portable enclosure which has both FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces for use with the original 2.5” SATA hard drive facilitating easy data transfer, SuperDuper! cloning/backup software, all tools required for installation, and an illustrated installation manual. The 320GB MobileStor Performance hard drive upgrade solution is priced at US$349 and is available for immediate shipment.

“The 320GB MobileStor Performance total hard drive upgrade solution provides not only an unprecedented hard drive capacity for the MacBook Pro and MacBook, but also provides every single piece of equipment necessary to successfully complete the hard drive upgrade and transfer all information from the original drive to the new one. It also allows for the continued use of the original SATA hard drive for backing up or general portable external storage,” stated Arnold Ramirez, president of MCE, in the press release.

The MCE 320GB MobileStor PerformanceTM Hard Drive Upgrade Solution features a rotational speed of 5400RPM, a maximum sustained data transfer rate of over 75MB/sec and burst transfer rates of 150MB/sec. The drive also features Native Command Queing (NCQ) in which the drive automatically reorders commands in the most efficient way based on the location of data on its platters in order to retrieve that data with the least latency. S.M.A.R.T. status monitoring is also supported and can warn of possible or impending disk failure long before one actually occurs allowing the user to take early action to keep their data safe. The drive’s S.M.A.R.T. status can be verified using Apple’s Disk Utility or System Profiler program.

The included portable, external enclosure is bootable on all Intel Macs and is provided in order to facilitate easy data transfer to the new hard drive as well as to allow continued usage of the original drive for general data storage or backup. The enclosure provides both FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces for easy data transfer from the original drive to the new one using the included SuperDuper! cloning/backup software. An illustrated installation manual and all tools for performing the upgrade are also included.

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  1. ya know, when I fist started in the graphic art field over 11 years ago, I was working at a place DT Minneapolis at the time, and I had an external drive hooked up to it, the thing as the size of a bread box – no joke – and it was ONE GIG… Even before that, as I was going to school, I bought my own Mac, and bought an Apple labeled external HD, and the price was $850. While not as big as the bread box, it only held 750 MEGS!

    How times change…

  2. Buddy, 750mgs? you must be a young pup. I bought a 200mg drive in 1993 that was HUGE for the time, and expensive too. I forget, but about $700 or so. I also had a 4ppm GCC PLPII laser printer that was as big as a house, noisy, and $800. And get this… it was a SCSI printer. The external drive was SCSI also.

    Man, times have changed…

  3. WD’s 320GB drive is $199. I got it in December and upgraded my MacBook Pro pretty easily. I think I needed T5 or T6 Torq driver, but I already had that. Instructions are out there on the net. The upgrade went really smooth and I couldn’t be happier.

  4. I’ve got the service manual that was leaked like a year ago onto the net with step by step instructions, but I’m nervous about opening my MBP up…. I think I’ll wait another year till the warranty runs out and then up it to what should be 500+ MB 2.5″ drives.

  5. Thanks demenas.

    I rather go with a reputable company like Western Digital anyway.

    I got a pair of their enterprise level 10,000 RPM Raptors in a RAID 0 for a boot drive, absolutely wicked I/O. Been going strong now for over 5 years.

    *knocks on wood*

    SD owner in my opinion is a very strange person to boot. Someone I wouldn’t give a root password too if you know what I mean.

  6. OK Steve and NeverFade..

    I had a system that used four multi-headed hard drives, had to be stored in a refrigerated room, and stored 1.3 gigabytes of data…essentially 90 seconds of digital component video.
    It was called the Quantel Harry. The first non-linear digital video editing system

  7. My first Mac had… no hard drive, just a floppy (512k E Mac). I paid several hundred for a whopping 5 MB external drive that I thought I would never fill.

    A few years later (1988) I bought a 60 meg hard drive for over $800… thought I would never fill it up.

    Today, I have over 8 TB attached to my Mac Pro…. and need MORE…

    things do change!

  8. My first external was a 40 meg for $599, then I got a 100 meg for $700, my friends told me I was nuts, nobody needs a 100 meg drive! Then again, when I updated my Mac to 2.5 mb of RAM the school engineer that upgraded it for me asked why would anyone need 2.5 mb of RAM? This was all around 1990 or so. Yes, times have changed. Now if Apple would have only released new MBPs today, I guess we’ll be waiting until next Tuesday.

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