Where are those million Apple iPhones?  All over the world

“Our readers think they have found the million unaccounted-for iPhones… bought but then never activated on the networks of the wireless carriers that are Apple’s partners,” Damon Darlin reports for The New York Times. “They are all around the world, in many countries where Apple has not yet worked out deals with local carriers, indicating that these phones have been ‘unlocked.'”

Darlin provides a sample of some of the comments the New York Times has received from “unlocked” iPhone users in:

• Australia
• India
• Brazil
• Bolivia
• Colombia
• Elsewhere in South America (and Spain)
• Uganda
• Russia
• China
• Kuwait
• Canada
• Thailand
• New Zealand
• The Philippines

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ampar” for the heads up.]

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