CNBC’s Erin Burnett: ‘Apple is the shit stock of 2008’

The New York Post’s Page Six reports, “Erin Burnett has a potty mouth. The CNBC hottie reported Wednesday that Apple shares were down, and noted, ‘It was the It Stock of ’07, and it is apparently the s–t stock of 2008.'”

Page Six reports, “CNBC flack Brian Steel later insisted: ‘It was a scripted play on words – not an expletive.’

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scarbro” for the heads up.]

Mmm, Erin. She can say whatever she wants. Plus, she’s right, thus far into 2008, at least.


  1. “Mmm, Erin. She can say whatever she wants.”

    Which is exactly want the network wants you to think. That’s why the reporting on CNBC (and its cousins) is so bad.

    Me? I’d rather have an ugly woman that knew what she was talking about.

  2. It’s an election year, every time there is a changing of the guard we hear the word Recession and the stocks take a tumble. Regan to Bush, Bush to Clinton, Clinton to George, George to now. It’s a political maneuver to get elected. Johnson owned the Texas media and now Mitt owns Fox, what do you expect, fair and unbiased reporting? It never existed. Look at those previous times, the stock tanked, people bought it low and sold it for 5-12 times it’s worth in a few years. The stock market is a long term gamble, not a short term paycheck.

  3. Sales are really slow these days, I’ve been to a local applestore, and there was like nobody there. What a difference with 3 weeks ago.

    Nevertheless I bought some stock. How deep can it sink?

  4. Good looking and unfortunately-correct (so far), what’s the problem?

    It’s not a knock on Apple its stock gets played like a fiddle.

    They’re gonna run it up again later in the year and then dump it again for big profit.

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