CNBC’s Erin Burnett: ‘Apple is the shit stock of 2008’

The New York Post’s Page Six reports, “Erin Burnett has a potty mouth. The CNBC hottie reported Wednesday that Apple shares were down, and noted, ‘It was the It Stock of ’07, and it is apparently the s–t stock of 2008.'”

Page Six reports, “CNBC flack Brian Steel later insisted: ‘It was a scripted play on words – not an expletive.’

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scarbro” for the heads up.]

Mmm, Erin. She can say whatever she wants. Plus, she’s right, thus far into 2008, at least.


  1. I’d rather go long term and play the following:

    1) Assessment as current is correct;
    2) Assessment @ end-2008 will be drastically uncorrect;
    3) Assessment of Erin as current = she’s smart and hot;
    4) Assessment of Erin @ end-2008- = she’ll still be smart and hot;

    Conclusion: DAMMIT!!!

  2. No, she cannot say ‘whatever’.

    People in her position are expected to keep that kind of foul language out of their broadcasts.

    So, is it ok that next round she would say, “oh fuck, Apple is the asshole turd of the market”?

    Where does it end? They need to reprimand her, force her to acknowledge the error, and move on, and never do it again.

  3. @ Ampar

    “If they want to regain some class, then Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett should take opposing viewpoints and then settle it by mud wrestling. And there’s still room for Jell-O later.”

    Would that be Jell-O gelatin or Jell-O instant pudding?

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