Apple locks forum discussion thread regarding iMac display issues

“Apple Support has locked a discussion thread about newly purchased iMacs exhibiting symptoms of problematic displays in what Tom’s Hardware is calling an act of censorship,” MacNN reports.

“The topic, titled ‘Bought new iMac 20″ Faded Screen,’ began on August 7th — the first day the new iMacs went on sale — and quickly became the primary place for new iMac owners to discuss their troubles of 20-inch and some 24-inch iMacs,” MacNN reports. “The discussion saw a slew of traffic in its early stages, which later soared to an average of 429 hits per day until Apple locked the topic to prevent further posts, according to the report.”

“From August 7th to November 18th the thread accrued more than 15,000 hits for an average of roughly 158 hits per day. That number rocketed up to 9,000 hits in just 21 days before Apple closed the thread,” MacNN reports. “What’s more, new posts about the gradient color issue in new iMacs are disappearing, with error messages taking their place in the forums. Apple has yet to reply to any of the posts regarding the issue in its Intel-based iMac Display support forum, and has not acknowledged the existence of any issue.”

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  1. Okay, I am a Apple Fanboy from the beginning. I love the company and all it has done. But I am really concerned that they are over reaching themselves in an attempt to constantly be new and better.
    I have had a slew of problems with Leopard, I’ve had to do a clean install and reinstall all my standard apps (nothing weird or esoteric), and still there are problems. Apple TV seemed to have been pushed out of the gate before it was ready. .Mac has been crapping out. Now this discussion forum being shut down by Apple! I mean, common practice at other sites is no excuse for this behavior at Apple. We’re the good guys, right? The ones who listen and aren’t afraid and who write back?
    Apple needs to take a deep breath.

  2. The Apple Computer we once knew is history. It’s being replaced by Dell technology, practices, methods, customer care, etc… just about everything except for lower prices.

    Yet the arrogance is growing.

    Day of reckoning coming. Inevitable as tomorrow’s sunrise.

  3. @NeverFade

    There are 2 problems.

    1. The video cards were locking up the UI. This was fixed with a firmware update. Mine had it bad, some were worse.

    2. Some say the display appears darker at the top or bottom or it fades from top to bottom. I don’t beleive a software update can fix this….

    …which sux cuz I love my new 20″ iMac.

  4. That’s funny – I have both sold several new iMacs as well as purchased one for an xmas present that I have been using while I got it setup. I have not seen the problems reported on the three units that I have personally touched!

  5. Cheap @ss LCD screens with a cheap @ss shiny glass stuck on the front to make them look better.

    Apple, if your listening:

    1: Go back to a quality LCD

    2: Use museum glass (if you must) as it’s less reflective.

    3: Offer a total matte option for the over 80% that want matte.

    I DID NOT buy two iMac’s this holiday season because of the LCD issues and the glossy issues.

    I told the Apple folks exactly why and they said they don’t blame me.

    Because they were so nice and said they would refer this up to the mothership, I bought a couple of iPod Classics.

    I actually thing SJ needs a swift kick in the ass actually.

  6. Fact: The 20″ model uses a cheaper LCD panel than the 24″ model.

    The panel in the 20″ is junk – the viewing angle in nowhere even close to the advertised 160 degrees. Is it coincidence that our local Apple store has ZERO 20″ models on the floor? I doubt it. I’m willing to bet there will be a class-action on this real soon.

    Bottom-Line: Does anyone remember how stunned everyone was at the pricing of the 20″ when it was intro’d? I guess we should have known.

  7. @wings2sky

    Apple as been experiencing an increase in quality issues regarding software and hardware. I also have two friends who had to reorder their macbooks 5+ times because the Apple online store continuously kept canceling their orders!

    I really think that Apple is experiencing growing pains as their sales are taking off in just about every area. In time they will sort all of these things out before its too late.

    Apple is doing an amazing job with so few employees compared to so of the larger vendors out there.

  8. I still love OSX but not Apple hardware so much any more. My 20″ iMAC screen is usable but not the high quality I expected. So my next MAC will be a mini or a MacBook to save a few bucks. Or maybe a Pro if I can swing it. The middle ground products are beginning to suck.

  9. my last mac ,an imac 20″ had a screen problem – the left hand and right hand corners had a weird dark blemish on them

    that was the original core duo model – not the new glossy ones

    i’ve got a mac pro now – and even that’s not perfect

    bluetooth is crap on it due to a problem with the internal wiring

  10. Seems like a backlighting consistency problem. Seems like it does not affect most iMacs out there, just a higher than acceptable number. Seems like the new iMacs get great reviews. Seems like it has nothing to do with glossy versus matte (and 80% do NOT want a fuzz filter on their high pixel density displays). And seems like there will be a lot of 20″ iMacs to be sold on the Apple Store refurb page in the coming months.

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