Apple Mac less secure than Windows in 2007?

Apple Online Store“During 2007, Apple has patched more than ten times the number of critical vulnerabilities in Mac OS X compared to the number patched in Microsoft Windows,” Tom Espiner reports for ZDNet UK. “George Ou, a writer for ZDNet Australia sister site, analysed in-depth statistics from security research company Secunia as a basis for his research.”

MacDailyNews Take: ROTFLOFAO, he called what Ou does “research!” Please see related articles:
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Espiner continues, “He found that Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X, faced more critical flaws than Windows XP and Vista combined… Ou made the comparison as an indicator of how many vulnerabilities might exist in 2008, rather than a comparison of the relative security of the operating systems.”

“Some experts have said that counting vulnerabilities is not necessarily reliable as a measure of security,” Espiner reports. “Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe, told this month that it was more important to take into account the time it takes to patch vulnerabilities.”

Espiner reports, “The amount of exploit code available in the wild also has an impact on security. While there are thousands of pieces of code that seek to exploit Windows XP vulnerabilities, exploit code for Mac OS X is relatively rare.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In “honor” of George Ou, we’re going to continue surfing the Internet unimpeded with our Mac OS X Firewall turned off for another six years.


  1. Another conspiracy attempt / FUD from the M$ proxies ie: ZNET.

    A key gauge would be what actual vulnerabilities are out in the wild and being exploited.

    I have a feeling the actual OSX vulnerabilities being exploited is no where close to the quantity for XP and/or Vista.

  2. I was beginning to worry that all these reports of security issues might be true.

    I too will ignore them all along with the false alarms that Apple itself sends out in the form of some ‘security updates’ to the OS and various Apple apps.

    Man, do I love the Mac!

  3. I guess Ou’s point is that he would rather have an operating system from a company which doesn’t acknowledge or correct errors rather than a company which does updates and corrections?

    I think it’s rather amusing that people expect software to be perfect the first time it’s written, every time a new feature is added, etc. Software is written by people, and people are aberrated and make mistakes. Plus, a company cannot possibly test for every possible combination of software, hardware and user interaction. Thus, Apple corrects mistakes, etc. by issuing patches. And far before ANY malicious attack can be made.

    It’s pretty remarkable how fast Apple had OS 10.5.1 prepared and released.

    At least Apple doesn’t bury its head in the software sand and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

  4. Vulnerability does not equal exploit. All exploits are not equal. Macs don’t get turned into hackers’ spambots. If there are so many security issues with Mac OS X, where are all the exploits? Oh, there aren’t any, just Trojan Horse malware for the gullible and “proof of concept” stuff in the labs of security companies. Never mind…

    Apple should be applauded for diligently fixing potential issues in a timely manner. The reason there have not been any meaningful exploits is because hackers can’t do anything meaningful (worth their time and effort) with these so-called “critical vulnerabilities.” The low-hanging fruit will always be Windows.

  5. The one thing I love about apple is that they continue to patch – update there OS’s incrementally. I’ve only been a Mac user since panther and I can’t believe how responsive they (apple) are.

  6. It’s great that they come out with the updates as often as they do, but I still do a backup before I install. I usually just wait till the weekend since I do my weekly Super Duper backup then. You never know when one of these things can cause problems. Better safe than sorry.

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