“One research company is warning information-technology departments not to let iPhones into the workplace. But one business that’s embraced Apple’s devices says that the productivity gains outweigh any drawbacks,” Ben Worthen blogs for The Wall Street Journal.

“Yesterday, Forrester Research released a report listing the top 10 reasons why IT shouldn’t support iPhones. We went over the list with Mark Goble, executive vice president at Goble & Associates, a healthcare advertising company. Over the summer, Goble bought iPhones for all of his company’s 20 or so account managers. Previously these managers used a range of devices, including BlackBerrys and Treos. The short version: Goble says the iPhone is by far the best device he’s ever used, his staff is more productive, and his tech department is surprised at how [easy] the iPhones are to manage,” Worthen reports.

Goble responds to each of Forrester’s points quite nicely here.

Carl Howe blogs for Blackfriars’ Marketing, “Forrester released a rather poorly argued report yesterday describing why IT shouldn’t support Apple’s iPhone. Why do I claim it is poorly argued? Because the summary promptly contradicts the lede of the article saying that C-level executives will insist on deploying iPhones anyway. So why should IT be fighting that process?”

“My two cents: Forrester got it wrong for the second time this month. Whoever is in charge of research now at Forrester now needs to take a look at its research and editorial methods. Something is broken,” Howe writes.

Full article here.