DrFirst creates E-Prescribing solution for Apple iPhone

DrFirst, the leader in electronic prescribing and medication reconciliation services, today announced that physicians will have access to an unparalleled e-prescribing experience on the Apple iPhone through DrFirst’s Rcopia e-prescribing system. For the first time, physicians and their staff will be able to perform all of the essential functions of electronic prescribing in real-time on a Mobile browser through a WiFi or wireless carrier’s broadband connection.

RcopiaMini is formatted for the smaller screen of today’s mobile devices and allows providers to easily navigate a full-featured version of Rcopia on this exciting new platform. DrFirst designed the application to provide a real-time interaction between physicians, pharmacies, and health plans, so there is no need to update or sync the device.

“Now physicians can quickly, safely, and securely prescribe from anywhere – through the always-on connectivity of the iPhone, the WiFi connection of the iPod Touch, or while seated at the desktop computer in the practice,” said Peter N. Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer of DrFirst, Inc., in the press release. “DrFirst’s goal is to ensure that its new web-based, mobile Rcopia experience delivers the same high levels of innovation and usability as the original Web version.”

E-prescribing on the iPhone with RcopiaMini allows physicians to provide a higher level of patient service and safety, streamline practice workflows, and save time and money through the efficiency of electronic medication orders, renewals and formulary checking. New prescriptions and renewals are sent electronically to the patient’s retail or mail order pharmacy. RcopiaMini checks for patient insurance eligibility, formulary, and patient medication history. The application also offers clinical decision support tools to check prescriptions for drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions and appropriate dosing.

Busy doctors, large practices, and health systems require software that is adaptable to the practice workflow and that draws the practice staff into the prescribing process. To meet this need, RcopiaMini is designed to be accessible to all staff members, to be highly configurable and to accommodate workflow features that make it a perfect solution for groups of any size.

RcopiaMini is now available at no charge to current Rcopia users and can be accessed at http://www.drfirst.com/pda/


  1. This announcement might sound pretty boring. But it’s boring announcements like this that shows just how pervasive the iPhone is and will be. It’s proof, unlike that Forrester Research FUD report from yesterday, that the iPhone is rapidly penetrating a number of industries. Healthcare and pharmacy are two enormous industries. And a change is taking hold that will transform healthcare, and wtih it, the fortunes of the iPhone. Allow me to explain.

    There are nearly four million doctors across the US alone. And countless numbers of pharmacies. Traditionally, your doctor would have to hand write a prescription you would then give to your pharmacist. The pharmacist would have to try to interpret what the hell the doctor wrote in their terrible handwriting. As a result, all kinds of bad things can happen. Plus, there is the little matter of healthcare fraud, false prescriptions, and who knows what else. That costs you and me a ton of money in higher health insurance costs.

    But there is a change taking place. The healthcare, pharmaceutical and retail pharmacy industries are slowly adopting something called E-Prescriptions. Instead of things taking place with paper, it’s all being replaced by an electronic transaction stream. A doctor’s office enters a prescription electronically, and it gets forwarded to the health insurer for verification and approval, or through a pharmacy benefits management company that does this on behalf of a health insurer. Once approved and verified, the prescription then goes to the pharmacy, where it shows up on the screen of the pharmacist. It’s faster, more accurate, could dramatically reduce healthcare fraud and also save lives.

    So where does the iPhone fit into this? Instead of having to wait for a doctor to get to his or her office to key in the prescription, the doctor can do it on the spot with their iPhone. It could be crucial because a prescription might mean life or death in some cases.

    It means a doctor can be at dinner with their spouse, get a call on their iPhone from an Emergency Room, and on the spot, submit a prescription from their iPhone to help the patient. For that matter, it’s possible today for a doctor like a neurologist to be on the golf course, to get a call from an ER about a patient who suffered critical head injuries and needs an expert opinion right now. With an iPhone, the doctor can look at electronically transmitted MRI scans on their screen, make an assessment on treatment and direct the staff on what to do next, all while putting out.

    So yes, this announcement is boring. But it is also dramatic. The iPhone can make you happy listening to music or downloading some dumb YouTube video. But as noted, it can also save lives.

    Now THAT’S pretty damned cool. Thanks, Apple.

  2. Si – de iPhone is berry berry good way for me to run my bidness

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    glad meeny odders in drug bidness see value of iPhone

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  3. Thanks for all of the great information! In this day and age various doctors are benefiting from the internet to conduct web consultations. E-prescribing is more accurate and safer than traditional hand written scripts. No more handwriting errors and when you e-prescribe you don’t have to worry about drug interactions or allergies because all your information is in the system. Web Prescribing is a great way to get online and get the prescriptions that you need! Just a recommendation, try it out!

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