Apple shares briefly touch $200

Earlier today in NASDAQ trading, shares of Apple Inc. hit a new all-time high of $200.00 even.

The stock has since settled to $191.19, down $0.64, or 0.33% from yesterday’s close of $191.83.

Apple shares are on a bit of a roller coaster ride today with today’s low sitting at $189.54 and that high we mentioned of $200.

Apple’s 52 Week Low stands at $76.77 and the company currently has a Market Value of $166,266,662,790.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) quote via NASDAQ (15-minute delay) here.

[Attribution: Blackfirars’ Marketing. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gunboat Smith” for the heads up.]


  1. That $200 price was a consequence of a single, large transaction where 150,000 shared (for $30 million) changed hands in one single block. Since today’s volume is rather low, the buyer couldn’t find a single seller to deliver the whole lot, so he/she upped the bid to encourage someone to unload. This transaction was followed by a number of smaller lower bids, indicating that the person who ended up on the receiving end of those $30m went around and bought his/her 150,000 shares back in smaller lots, for less money.

    Nonetheless, an all-time intra-day high was nailed on at $200, and that’s a psychological barrier that may motivate many others to think more positively about buying below $200.

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