DivX offers free DivX Pro for limited time

DivX Pro download for Mac is available for a limited time.

What you get:
• Unlimited playback of DivX movies – including Video on Demand – with the DivX Player. The DivX Player also plays most QuickTime movies and is now Universal Binary.
• Free 15-day trial of DivX Converter, which enables you to easily convert virtually any QuickTime Movie to DivX.
• Free 6-month trial of DivX Pro Codec which allows you to export DivX movies from popular applications like iMovie, QuickTime Player Pro and Final Cut, both Pro and Express.
• The DivX Web Player, which enables you to view DivX videos in your web browser and the Stage6 Content Uploader, which allows you to upload videos to Stage6, DivX’s online video community.

Users must enter a valid email adress in order to recieve their DivX Pro for Mac serial number.

Get it DivX Pro for free here.

More info about DivX for Mac here.


  1. The ONLY reason I don’t own an AppleTV is because it cannot play divx movies, of which I own a few hundreds. I have converted all of my DVDs to divx so that I can have a number of them with me when I travel. Please someone explain to me why Apple does not let me paly divx on AppleTV and flac in iTunes/iPod.

  2. Actually maczac, they send you a serial number which turns the application into the full blown version with all Pro features. While I wish I didn’t need it, there are occasions when I am glad to have it. Also, since they are giving the pro version away free at the moment, I used a few different emails so that I could get enough serial numbers for my entire family.

  3. Apparently some posters above don’t know/visit UseNet/Newsgroups or, understandably, WinMx, which is Windoze only. And don’t seem to use bit-torrent either.

    If did – then wow, is an entire world of divx/avi movies available that rivals Netflix, Blockbuster, et al.

    Be that as it may – VLC is the app for divx, and Toast/QT Pro/VisualHub can export to divx that is ready to go for any DVD player able to read divx.

    Simple way to put it – divx works. Is to DVD same as mp3/4 is to regular Audio CD. A fine compression that is very watchable on regular TV, no idea about HD, sorry.


  4. No one needs DivX. As Daniel Eran wrote: “hackers took Microsoft’s video codec, based largely upon MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP (H.263), and created their own version using the basic AVI container from Video for Windows. The result was DivX. Since then, DivX has delivered newer versions fully compliant with MPEG-4 ASP, but all of those codecs are still based upon the minor advancements made to the old MPEG-2 video, and all still use the archaic AVI container format, which inefficiently wastes a lot of disk overhead.”

    DivX is based on old Microsoft code. That should be enough reason to stay away.

    Why a Mac user would encode something in DivX rather than QuickTime stumps me.

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