LogMeIn extends Apple Mac remote control support

LogMeIn today announced the general availability of LogMeIn Free for Mac — a free and easy way for Apple computer users to remotely access and control their Macs over the Internet.

LogMeIn also announced the beta version of LogMeIn Rescue for Mac — a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that provides IT support technicians with on-demand remote access, control and diagnostics to remotely repair and manage Macs.

“The increasing emergence of Macs in the enterprise and SMB environment demonstrates a need for support tools that can easily accommodate multiple operating systems,” said Stacy Sudan, research analyst, IDC, in the press release. “Many users are starting to rely on both — in the home and at work — for different uses and applications. IT support managers can now offer one remote troubleshooting tool — for any OS in any location.”

“More than 30,000 users joined our Mac preview program, enabling them to access their computers from most internet-enabled devices,” said Marton Anka, CTO, LogMeIn, Inc., in the press release “We incorporated that access technology into our LogMeIn Rescue service to enable IT support personnel to quickly and easily access, diagnose and repair Macs with the intuitive interface and extensive toolkit present in our other Rescue products. We have introduced this product to help these demanding users receive the fast and efficient support they expect.”

LogMeIn Free for Mac, allows people to remotely access and control their Apple Macintosh computers from any Internet-connected device with a web browser, including Windows, Macs, Linux PCs as well as many handheld devices — including the Apple iPhone. Whether a user is at an Internet cafe in New York, a friend’s wireless PC in London or on a smart phone in Sydney, all of the software applications and data on a remote Mac can be securely accessed and managed.

LogMeIn Rescue for Mac, now in public beta, is a web-based remote support tool that allows a technician to connect to a remote Mac in seconds, without pre-installing software. It is designed for ease-of-use, multitasking, and simplified administration. Mac users can receive on-demand support by downloading a small applet that allows a support technician to remotely control their desktop.

LogMeIn Free for Mac and LogMeIn Rescue for Mac run on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on both for Power PC and Intel-based Macs.

Source: LogMeIn, Inc.


  1. We’ve been using this in a PC environment at work for quite some time now. No security issues as long as the passwords, obviously, are protected.

    You can set it up so that you need to request and authorize everything.

  2. Leopard’s new ‘Back to my Mac’ is great, but what it lacks is access from simple PCs. Logmein.com overcomes this obstacle. We have also used logmein.com in our enterprise for years and have an increasing number of Mac users in our organization. I’m buying another MacBook this week as a matter of fact. This allows me to administer everyone’s computer in the organization from my MacBook Pro!

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  4. Okay, I’ll admit it – when I first read the title, I thought the article was extending functionality to Apple’s “Remote Control”. Oops.

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