Apple names IceWEB as authorized distributor to U.S. Federal Government

IceWEB, Inc., a leading one-stop source for best-of-class computing hardware, on-demand software, advanced networking solutions and innovative online services, today
announced that it has been selected by Apple to serve as an authorized distributor of Apple products and services to the U.S. Federal Government.

Pursuant to the distribution agreement, IceWEB will offer Apple’s entire line of solutions and products to government agencies under its current supply contracts. Headquartered just outside of Washington D.C., IceWEB has specialized in providing Federal Government (DOD and civilian agencies) solutions for over ten years. The Company has multiple GSA, GWAC and BPA agreements with key agencies to make purchasing simple, and has distinguished itself as a preferred solutions provider engaged in the design, build, security and management of complex network infrastructure.

John R. Signorello, Chairman and CEO of IceWEB, added in the press release, “Now that the Department of Defense (DOD) has cleared Apple for deployment on DOD networks, the expansion of our product and service offerings to include Apple’s solutions presents enormous growth opportunity for IceWEB. With industry experts predicting that government IT spending will rise from $79 billion this year to $102 billion by 2012, the environment for capitalizing on strategic sales opportunities within the Federal Government is presently ideal. Moreover, prevailing federal IT demand for standards-based, open sourced products and solutions – particularly those related to video and optimized storage – plays to Apple’s strengths and should assist IceWEB in achieving notable market penetration on their behalf.”

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  1. Heaven forfend that a big spender like DOD should start thinking about security and productivity after all these wasted years of DOS cum DROSS-based computing. Here in Canada, there is no such luck: our War Department (can’t make war, can only defend), which is why it’s now called Department of National Defense (DND) is almost completely a non Mac shop. No concerns about productivity, let alone security, same with all the government departments. Apple should at least open a Mac shop in Ottawa, say at the Rideau Centre, one block from NDHQ.

  2. Smart of Apple to signup with an entrenched distributor to focus on Gov. Very specialized world that needs contacts and expertise that Apple has been unable to duplicate on their own. Good luck.

  3. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t *also* mean that Apple will be building “back doors” into all their software for the spooks in the US security services to use, as Microsoft has.

    One of the big advantages of Macs has always been it’s security and privacy, but if George Shrub et al. can tap your connection any time they want, assertions of security are pretty much moot.

  4. Hi !!

    It’s Micros**t. Write it ‘Micros**t.

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    Micros**t. Get the word out.

    I can’t wait to see it written that way somewhere on the net. I thought of it 3 years ago and have not seen it anywhere else. Its brilliance is in what it leaves out. The reader puts in the missing letters.

  5. Apple has a great gov’t team. If you have been dealing with them you would know that they are have been doing a terrific job in gaining market share in the DOD and Civilian agencies.
    Adding someone like IceWEB just gives the Apple team access to more vehicles for gov’t buyers to buy Apple.

  6. This is excellent news. The government takes a while to change course (thanks to all the entrenched bureaucrats) but when it does, it’s hard to stop. Think about this — Windows boxes are already sieves. If the government uses Macs as they are today, they instantly harden their defenses. Want to talk about instant ROI?

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