Channel checks show iPod nano outselling iPod touch, iPhones selling well

“After surveying 90 Apple stores and 18 Best Buy locations over the Thanksgiving weekend, analysts for ThinkEquity Partners LLC concluded that despite a high level of interest in the new iPod Touch among shoppers, the more affordable iPod Nano remains the clear winning at the cash register,” AppleInsider reports.

“‘Our channel checks indicate that of all the iPods, the Touch piqued the most interest from customers,’ analyst Darren Aftahi wrote in a research report to clients this week,” AppleInsider reports. “‘However, our conversations do not lead us to the conclusion that ‘level of interest’ translated into consumer purchases of iPod Touch.'”

“‘Also, a lot of consumers seemed to opt for iPhones over iPod Touch because iPhones facilitate all that iPod can do (and more), but the opposite is not true,’ the analyst further advised clients,” AppleInsider reports. “Based on his checks, Aftahi believes that iPhones are selling well, perhaps well enough to best his 3.2 million quarterly estimate come the close of Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2008 in late December.”

More in the full article here.

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s product differentiation strategies seem to be working as planned.


  1. I rest my case.

    iPhone display: great.
    iPod Touch display: not so great.

    How can that be?

    Soon an announcement Touch’s display is as great as iPhone’s display.

    Result: all those with the inferior, Gen 1 Touch, have to have the better screen, fork over another few hundred bucks… Steve’s fortune and reputation as the greatest businessman in the world grows and grows.

    Now, tell me I’m not wrong.

  2. Wow, cheaper nano outsells more expensive iPod Touch . . . someone give that reporter the raise they deserve . . .

    iPod Touch and iPod Nano are at two different price points with features sutied for each price point.

    Newsflash – Toyota outsells BMW

    They’er both high quality products, but Toyota is a lot more affordable then BMW, hence the higher sales.

    Congrats to Apple for realizing that not all consumers are the one and the same and for offering differing products to meat those needs.

  3. It’s no wonder the iPod nano is selling well. That tiny screen is amazingly sharp. I won’t watch a two-hour movie on it, but a 30-minute TV-show (about 22 minutes minus commercials) is enjoyable. Once you pick one up and play with it at the Apple Store, its hard not to buy one.

  4. Cheaper MacBooks and Nanos outselling everything else Apple makes.

    Why doesn’t this surprise me?

    Now if Apple made a iPudTouch and sold it for $999 it would outsell both the MacBook and the Nanos.

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