TrustedReviews: Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch ‘impressive, Mac OS X does the job far better than Vista’

“Apple has turned around its fortunes in computer sales with its latest line-up of laptops. While its market share in terms of hardware has been tiny in the last two years, this year has seen it grow massively, to the point where almost 20 per cent of all laptops sold in the US are Designed By Apple in Cupertino, California – and Jobs’ firm is well on the way to catching HP and Dell in the sales stakes,” Wil Harris reports for TrustedReviews.

“You’d be hard pressed to argue that the 17in MacBook Pro isn’t the best-looking, slickest large-screen notebook out there. All the ports you could possibly need are included, with three USB, a Firewire, Firewire 800, Ethernet, dual-link DVI and line in and out, as well as ExpressCard,” Harris reports.

“Many people consider OSX to be the ultimate OS for multi-tasking – with Expose and Spaces making it a cinch – and the latest Pro laptop really packs the hardware to deliver that potential. Now you might argue that it’s no faster than a top of the range Windows notebook, which is quite right – but you never really get to unleash that power on Vista in quite the same way,” Harris reports.

“The weight is also impressive at just three kilograms, and this makes the MacBook surprisingly light to lug around for its size,” Harris reports. “The 17in MacBook Pro is really a fantastic machine for creatives and anyone else looking for a high-powered, high-style laptop with a large screen… this kind of hardware specification demands an OS to match up, and OS X does the job far better than Vista.”

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  1. I own the latest MBP. Mostly pleased with everything about it.

    All that I feel that’s missing is a Blu-Ray disk.

    OX X needs to support variable resolution so that can read the display without using a magnifying glass.

  2. @Gary

    You can always visit ‘system preferences’ –> ‘displays’ to modify your resolution.

    I prefer to use the built in zoom function (Cmd+Option+= and Cmd+Option+-) toggled on and off with Cmd+Option+8

  3. @Mr. Reeee

    read the freakin’ headline here at MDN (don’t even need to read the actual article). Talking about the 17″ MBP. Not the MacBook or the MacBook Pro 15. The 17″ weighs exactly 6.8lbs (3.08kg). So keep the snarky, know it all comments to yourself until you get your basic facts straight – sheesh.

  4. The MBP are the best. No need for stupid paint jobs and silly body stickers to try and look cool like the other guys. Your know DULL and all. Heck my 512k fat mac is better looking that whatever they come out with. hehe

  5. The line in/out is also 5.1 optical audio as well as regular 2.0 stereo

    If you have a decent 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system and volume logic installed, you’ll hear some great sound from your DRM free higher quality bit rate iTunes music. With surround sound and proper placement of the speakers, the whole room fills up with music, which sounds a hell of a lot better than a pair of computer speakers or even a iPod.

  6. Does anyone know of a good docking station for a MBP?

    Yea it’s called a “Mac Pro”

    The MBP sucks at powering a larger monitor, I’ve tried, it’s slow. Also the connectors being plugged and unpluged cause premature wear to the MBP.

    Your just like a zillion other Mac users I deal with. Your laptop turns into a desktop eventually. Should have bought a Mac Pro to begin with and a cheap disposable MacBook or even a iPod Touch/iPhone if portability is necessary.

    Now your blew your wad on a $2500 MBP which should have gone towards a Mac Pro which you could have upgraded over the years instead of closed box which you can’t upgrade and just have to replace it if you lose, drop, sit on it, got it stolen, etc.

    I got a over 4 year old Mac Tower, it still is faster than my new MBP. Why? Because laptops are processor and graphic card hobbled when they get too hot. Plus the hard drives are slow, even the 7200 RPM ones. Also my Mac Pro connections don’t get worn out because I use third party extensions and only when they fail does the connections get use. Try to do that with a laptop. Ha!

    A Mac can last 10 years or more with proper care, substancially lowering the cost of ownership. A laptop is a computer makers wet dream come true.

    Laptop = portability = premature turnover rate.

  7. Hi Pete,

    Thanks your input – but I already have a Mac Pro, an iMAC, and several DELL XP turds.

    I also own a Porsche 911 Targa 4S that I keep at my vacation home on a lake. So money is not a problem, like it is for the poor working class that keep computers for 10 years. Sheesh!!! How long do you people keep cars and underwear?

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