Apple MacBook Pro with 64GB solid state drive

Engadget’s Ryan Block has transplanted a Samsung 64GB solid state drive into his Apple MacBook Pro and finds that a fresh install of Mac OS X Leopard booting with a number of extensions and startup items boots up in about 20 seconds:

This is really how everyone’s laptop experience should be: free from worries about platter scratches or head crashes from bumps or drops; silent, cool drive operation; super fast access to your data. It’s just an early taste of what portable computing will be like in a few years, and it’s amazing.

Blocks times his Samsung 64GB SSD-equipped MacBook Pro with an Apple iPhone:

Direct link via YouTube:

Full article here.

Block’s review of Samsung’s 64GB SSD for Engadget here.


  1. > HA! my 2004 PowerBook G4 loads in 23 seconds… with 80GB harddrive… EAT IT SUCKA!!!! EAT IT!!!!

    Try it with Leopard. That’ll slow your G4 down… Hey, my 1987 Mac SE could boot System 6 in less than 20 seconds (from floppy disks). Woo…whooooo!

  2. There is a GUI, wizard helping free Firewall called WaterRoof that works on the installed terminal accessable firewall in Mac OS X.

    It can help you overcome the Mac OS X 512kbit limit for web surfing and set it closer to your actual bandwidth.

    Just installed the boot up script and now my web pages load even faster.

    You begin to realize certain sites load slower, because it’s not your fault but theirs.

    Also there is other things like Safari Speed and Pithhelmet to make sufing faster.

  3. > You apple stock fanboys aren’t chortling so loudly now that the stock is 40 BUCKS! from it’s high…

    It’s still 40 BUCKS ABOVE the price on the “sell” date. Isn’t it??? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I want the 128GB for $6,000!!!

    everyone selling their applestock is an idiot.. now is the time to BUY BUY BUY!!!!

    analysts are fear mongering idiots… everyone is freaking out due to “bad” press from international iphone launches.. mucking forons! there is no “bad news” about their launches.. but writers, editors, and people are STUPID! so up and down the roller coaster goes..

  5. Yeah seriously, I’m getting the shakes. Where’s Apples money going? I was thinking of buying in at 200 (didn’t get that far) I realise it won’t bomb out to zero but… buy now while cheap? The only way is up, baby?

  6. Yeah 20 seconds is quick, but my SE can boot up with System 7.5 with enough Extensions to fill up the entire 9″ screen. It may take five minutes, but all those Extensions loading row after row is really cool. I should have at least 256 MB of RAM left even with Ram Doubler installed from Conectix. LOL

  7. Does anyone know how much space these 64gb drives take up? If they are small enough, couldn’t several of them be used together in a RAID to expand the amount of memory space solid state drive technology can give us.

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