Google’s Android SDK contains some Apple iPhone-like features

“Google today released its promised software development kit for Android, the company’s new Linux-based operating system for cellphones and handheld devices,” MacNN reports.

“Conspicuously, the introduction also reveals influences from Apple in both the interface and in software. By default, the web browser is based on the WebKit rendering engine used by the iPhone and shares the same emphasis on rendering sites as they would appear on a computer. Devices with a touchscreen can similarly control pages by dragging and tapping, though Google does not say whether multi-touch devices are supported. Other touches include a Mac OS X-like dock interface for phones with keypad-only controls, a Cover Flow-like web browsing history view, and iPhone-style notification bubbles,” MacNN reports.

Full article, with video and screenshots, here.


  1. >Looks good. What is Apple going to do about it?

    Hopefully, improve on the iPhone! It is missing some key features and crashes quite often.

    Besides… competition is good. Patents aren’t meant to stifle competition and innovation, as implied by your reply.

  2. What is Apple going to do about it?

    You’re joking, right?

    Apple already released a better, slicker, more powerful phone in June of 2007.

    Google’s “answer” smacks of grasping at straws. It’s Zunish. Way too little, way too “Me-too,” and way, way, way too late.

  3. Well not too late to wipe the floor with the iPhone wannabes which is precisely the target it is aimed at. As a mobile platform Linux is potentially far superior to the stripped down bloatware that is Windows Mobile or even Symbian and with Google’s, and others behind it that potential will most likely come to fruition.

  4. Apple doesn’t HAVE to do anything about it. You’re all assuming that this is some sort of threat to the iPhone. Why would it be? If anything, it’s a threat to Microsoft and Windows Mobile. If Android catches on, it will be the end of Windows Mobile.

  5. Good stuff, there – better than WM, certainly. Apple will be able to swipe some of the good, open-source ideas (that tiled web history was a great idea). Lots of stuff that can be done with software. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I also think that Windows Mobile is in big trouble. I just hope that it’s a stable platform and that it can be installed on existing phones with other OSes.

    One thing that I don’t quite understand (hopefully, someone here can explain) is how Google stands to benefit from this if everything is open source.

  7. Apple doesn’t have to respond to this at all really in that by the time you can buy a device with Android on it, iPhone 2.0 will be out. iPhone will be ahead by the same 4 to 5 months of development and hopefully can maintain or even extend it’s lead. The only thing Apple *might* have to “answer” this with is a lawsuit if the copying gets too close to the original.

    This does seem far better than Windows Mobile though (even in Beta/Alpha/Pre-release), and blows away all the Linux and Symbian mobiles completely.

    Windows is officially “history” on mobile platforms the day this is released on a real live phone.

  8. And Apple will stay a generation ahead by controlling both the hardware and the software, and by avoiding the communications gap and production delays caused by separate hardware manufacturer, OS manufacturer, application developer, and vendor.

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