Why Apple will be bigger than Google

“Time has named Apple’s iPhone its invention of the year. The iPhone is a big deal, but not for any of the reasons Time cites. The nonrelease of the Googlephone just highlights what Apple gets about consumers, and what Google doesn’t. Apple knows how to design not just gadgets, but the businesses that go around them. And as a result, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is worth more than Google within two years,” Jordan Golson writes for Valleywag.

“What’s really innovative about the iPhone? Well, the multitouch screen, perhaps. But other than that, its commodity parts expertly engineered together. If Apple sells 50 million iPhones in 2009, those phones will generate more than $30 billion in gross profit over the next two years. And when I say gross profit, I mean really gross,” Golson writes.

Golson writes, “Apple’s iPhone is more than just an invention. It has all the makings of a killer business. As for Google — weren’t they going to make a phone once?”

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  1. There is a partnership between these two companies, they share members on the board. I can’t imagine that even if Google were to produce a phone, that it’d compete in the same space as Apple’s.

    And a thought occurred to me that maybe – with VOIP – the gPhone is infact the iPod Touch, that’d have this feature built in. This wouldn’t affect the ATandT contract and could nip MS in the bud from producing anything in that area either. What I’m not sure about, is how that’d affect the iPhone [ie. whether it’d cannibalise sales of iPhone]. I think not, IF the phone feature is restricted to VOIP.

  2. If they partner, I hope it’s to get this 700mhz spectrum that’s being auctioned in 08. Future content delivery is going to be based on fat wireless pipes because laying fiber is too damn expensive and will take too long to implement.

    If Apple gets this spectrum, or access to it, look for lots of great ways to use your iphone in the coming years.

    It’s all about content delivery now.

  3. Everyone brags about google Gmail, but when I last looked, it’d been beta for 2 years, and what’s to say it won’t be free, or exclusive when it does come out. This style of management may elude the less savvy, but I personally have to question their goals.
    When you really compare them to Apple, there is no comparison.

  4. In the long run, I see a partnership between the two companies being the key for both to succeed.

    Apple may in fact need Google more in terms of on-line applications and cloud services. Together they shall conquer, separate they may fall to MS and the gang.

    About dollars and cents…
    if that is all you care about… then you don’t understand Apple.

    Get some sense.

  5. It’s obvious Google and Apple are working together to offset Microsoft. Microsoft competes in the low end and the high end. Apple only competes in the high end, and Google only competes in the low end. Having a Gphone gives Apple space to focus on the iPhone, and vice versa.

  6. Ahhhhhhh, we all have been “Dutched Ovened” by
    p shanks comment !!!

    Yeah… lets just make Google totally EXCLUSIVE
    to Apple and Safari users.

    Great idea. Doh! Once Apple is worth more and buys out Google.

    NOT… I think Apple has better plans.

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